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Where are the Sparkly Red Shoes?


Sometimes I don’t know how my art happens. I started playing around with some of my dye-painted fabric that is in the background. I pulled out some fused silk pieces and started cutting some shapes. I ended up with squarish pieces. Then I added that black X . I really liked the silliness of that polka dotted X sitting there. I used rainbow hand-dyed Perle cotton for the seed stitching. I love how that looks as the color changes.

I was going to name it X Marks the Spot, but I was totally into the feeling of being in a happy, silly and colorful place. It seemed like it might be what it is like over the rainbow. This is a small piece — 9.5 inches square. It is for the SAQA at 20 exhibit. Each piece will be mounted with a 12 inch square mat with an 8 inch opening. After touring around, some of them will become part of the permanent collection of the Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I barely made the deadline. I had to Fedex this today.

Tomorrow morning, I am doing another gallery talk for my show for about 10 people, some of them are Portland area people who were on the trip to Israel. It will be fun to do this when I am feeling healthy. They are taking me out to lunch afterwards. On Sunday, I was finally able to sit and look at my work and really enjoy seeing it all around the room. I am still getting such positive feedback. The Arts Commission has been doing gallery shows for some time, but they are normally, paintings, watercolors or photography. My fiber work seems to draw people in for a closer look. Many people are very intrigued with the stitching and surface design.

On Saturday, I have 9 people coming for my fiber collage class. We are going to do Valentines. I think that will be fun.

I have to get serious about the 12 X 12 chair challenge. I also just realized that I get to choose the next theme. I am collecting ideas — got one?

9 Responses to “Where are the Sparkly Red Shoes?”

  1. karoda says:

    I’m snowed in and your playful piece gives me hope that one day soon, in the near future, I’ll get to return to my workshop.

  2. Judy says:

    Yep: it’s magic, that’s for sure!
    You have the wonderful ability to actually use the complex cloth pieces that you create in your future works! That piece is wonderful Gerrie!


  3. Connie Akers says:

    When I think of you I think of “Change” as a good chalenge theme. Glad you’re feeling better.

  4. Jeannie says:

    Just the antidote for a cold winter day! The fun you had creating it shows through in the end result! Wishing you more creative, fun filled days. (How about serendipity, window, or spiral?)

  5. kathy says:

    This looks bright, cheerful, and fun. I too did not get one made..too many other things going on. Hope you get into the permanent exhibit..that would be cool, yeah?

  6. Karen Rips says:

    From reading your past blogs on Israel/Palestine, I would suggest “conflict” as a possible theme

  7. Kristin L says:

    I like the color changes with the stitching on the already colorful squares too. This definitely says “Gerrie” and will be a cheerful addition to the trunk show. (I did not get inspired to make anything.)

  8. teri says:

    So happy you are feeling better. That azithromycin works wonders. Knocked the pneumonia right out of me (tho I STILL have yucky sinuses and PND….)

    How about “horizon?”


  9. PaMdora says:

    glasses! As in rose-colored spectacles, or other the other variations.