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Round Robin Collage Phase 4

It is that time of month again. The latest piece in the Round Robin Collage needed to be played with and sent on its way to the next person. This piece was the most difficult for me, so far. Here it is as I received it. I am the fourth person to work on it.


It had a shiny painted background. There was a collage of paper pieces in the center section. The top section has a bone wired to the center. In the upper left is a very complex postcard with Angelina fibers, tyvek and beads. There are beads scattered across the piece with some clusters on the tight side. I didn’t know what to do until I saw a post on Mrs Mel’s blog. She showed an in progress painting with a paper towel as part of the background.

Here is a paper towel that I painted with colors complementary to the piece.


While it was still damp, I tore holes in it and tore the edges so that they were not straight. I collaged it to the piece and added some ribbon strips that complemented the colors, but had nice texture. I placed the holes in the napkin so that bead clusters would show through.


I took some of the torn strips and placed them on the left side of the piece.


I then found some words that fit the emotion of this piece: surreal, enigma, wild earth and creativity, and collaged them.


I used a marker to color over the words to make them fit into the background.

Here is the result.


This was a difficult challenge, but I really enjoyed working outside my box. I’m having a lot of fun doing these.

7 Responses to “Round Robin Collage Phase 4”

  1. terry grant says:

    That piece looks like a formidable challenge. (Nice way of saying “Yikes!”) I think your approach was excellent. It needed something unifying and strong enough to stand up to those shapes that look like shoe forms to me. I’d have been tempted to overlap them even more–such sharp edges could use some softening IMO.

  2. Jen Anderson says:

    This was so interesting..to see how you worked through the challenge. Great job!

    On the political front, I take heart from knowing that even many traditional Republicans are questioning the decisions of their
    leaders. Jen

  3. Acey says:

    It’s so inspiring to watch you push your own boundaries with these collages. I, too, love the word additions that you chose.

  4. Deb Zimmerman says:

    I really like what you have done this piece…..very creative!

  5. DebR says:

    Is the background of this piece fabric, paper, or canvas? Even looking at the larger version of the pic, I couldn’t tell for sure. Anyway, I like what you did to it! The words, in particular, are a great addition.

  6. Judy says:

    a great addition to the piece

  7. Karen says:

    I really like what you have added to the piece. It really works!