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Pointless Sister Crit Group

Last week Cathy posted photos from her critique group. The Pointless Sisters met today and I thought I would show you some of their work:

Here is Diane, our list mom with that gorgeous butterfly wing. You can see the wonderful size.

Linda is a newbie. She fell in love with this group of fabrics and wondered why it was not more vibrant. We explained that color gets all the credit and value does all the work! The fabrics wre luscious!

Selma is very prolific. For some reason she does not like this piece. I think it is great (even though it has points)

My friend Pat did these two pieces as gifts.

Marjorie is a true artist. This piece is fused. It was an exercise to take a traditional block and do something innovative.

Daniele is an accomplished artist. She made much of the fabric in this piece using an etching plate. She does very precise, realistic collage pieces.

Cathy has been fusing!

Ann did this piece in a class with Sylvia Einstein at Asilomar.

We also had the unveiling of the quilts where we did blocks for each other using a specific shape and two colors. We selected 8 to go to Paducah for The Ultimate Guild Quilt Challenge. I’ll share those tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Pointless Sister Crit Group”

  1. Karoda says:

    Gerrie, I don’t think Pat has my address in order to send me my gift…tell her either one is fine (LOL) just kidding.

    But I’m so jealous of those of you who have real live critique groups! I hope to join one next month at my favorite quilt shop.

    Majorie and Danielle’s pieces are cool as well.

  2. Gerrie, those are all so wonderful. You DO realize how blessed you are to belong to such a talented group of ladies, don’t you? Give them all a big hug from me.