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In Snowy New York


This is a shot of the lake at my sister’s home. Here, you can see what it looked like in October when I was here for my sister-in-law’s funeral. I love these shots of the boat dock on the frozen lake:



It has been so heartwarming to be here and be part of the celebration of my brother’s life.  I don’t know if I mentioned that he just turned 65. He had begun to adjust to life without Carolyn and was making plans for some travel — even hoping to visit us in Portland. This is a man who never went far from home — his whole life.

We arrived  on Monday with barely enough time to change our clothes and attend the calling hours. They were from 7 – 9 pm. My sisters and I stood in the receiving line with my niece and nephew and their significant others. There was a steady stream of people snaking  out of the funeral home and down the snowy, freezing cold sidewalk. The line of people did not stop until almost 9 pm. At one point, most of the Dryden fire department, dressed dress blues and whites showed up to show their respects. There were neighbors, town officials, friends of Karen and Kevin, relatives, friends of mine, friends of my sisters, hunting buddies, business associates. He was a much beloved character in his hometown. We heard wonderful stories about a man who knew how to laugh, tell a great story and was bigger than life. He will be missed.

The funeral was yesterday and there was a full house, once again. The family and close friends gathered at his home for great food and more Frank stories. He would have loved that. He would not have wanted us to be maudlin and weeping — but there were plenty of tears. I am so glad that I made the trip in October and got to spend some time with him. It has made this trip easier to bear.

I have had time to do some knitting and have gotten this much done on the button-up vest I am making for Mia. This is pima cotton and wool yarn and it has a wonderful hand.


It is almost time to pack up and go to the airport. Our flight leaves at 4:30 pm. We change in Chicago and have a fairly long layover. We hopefully will arrive in Portland at 10:15 pm, just in time to fall in to bed and get back on West coast time.

4 Responses to “In Snowy New York”

  1. Reva says:

    It sounds like a joyous celebration of Frank’s life. I guess that’s what it amounts to, in the end — having folks who loved you, and to whom you made a difference, stand up and testify. I don’t mean formally, necessarily, but just making it known. Still, I know you’ll miss your brother. Hugs to you and your family, Gerrie.

  2. Jane Ann says:

    There IS something therapeutic about the funeral process. The reconnecting with loved ones, learning things about the one who has just left you, that you might never have otherwise known. This is where the healing begins, I think. You’ll no doubt have lots of interior dialog over the next few weeks, and I bet replaying the visions of dress blues and a pristine blanket of snow, recalling the conversations you’ve just had–it will all be comforting.

  3. Judy says:

    I’m so glad that you went back in October and so happy that you were able to go again now. It must have been difficult, but how therapeutic to know that everyone else loved your dear Frank as you did.

    Safe travels (although you’ll read this after you’re home and adjusted). Hug yourself long and hard…it’s been a tough week.


  4. lisa says:

    mom, this made me cry. thank you for sharing that story. love you.