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Looking for Inspiration


This is my design wall. I was cleaning up from the Aspen fest and at the same time I was pulling fabric for my next project. It is nice to have the art cloth on the wall and I can audition partners and plan some additional surface design to add to the mix.

I have had this Perle cotton thread nest sitting on a table in my studio begging to be straightened out. I can’t put it away the way it is.


I cut some pieces of cardboard, and it will be my evening TV watching project until they all look like this.

perlecottonneatTonight, I also added bamboo hanging rods to the other two aspen pieces.


And so that was pretty much my day.

5 Responses to “Looking for Inspiration”

  1. Dale Anne says:

    YEP, sounds like nesting to me too! LOL!!!

  2. dee says:

    That nest looks all too familiar. I have several upatairs that need attention. It does sound like nesting but I get a touch of that from time to time as well. It’s the only ting that stands between me and total chaos. Enjoy your day.

  3. Deborah says:

    Are you planning to watch Glee? The pilot is on tonight (it originally ran several months ago). I think it’s just a riot with great singing and dancing.

    Can’t wait to see your next piece!

  4. Karoda says:

    when my threads are tangled like that, i would almost rather throw them out then to detangle them…of course i never do, but is it ever a headache to get them straightened out.

  5. Kristin L says:

    From alphabetizing spices to winding threads –if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were in that pre-birth nesting phase! ha ha!