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Discharging Dye

Today, I decided to add some marks to some of my hand-dyed fabric by removing some color with thiox discharge paste. I am posting before and afters before I threw them in the washing machine. My washer is not spinning tonight so you will have to wait to see the final product tomorrow. I am going to over dye some of these.

It is always exciting to see what color will emerge from the black hand-dyed fabrics. I used bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, a sponge and some large stamps with random dots and lines to make the marks. And I was dressed for safety:

By the way, I chose the lime green accented postcard. I thought that would be an easy guess for everyone!!

7 Responses to “Discharging Dye”

  1. Gerrie, it’s good to see you use a respirator. Good for you! Fabric is on it’s way to be gorgeous.

  2. Vicki W says:

    One day I was cleaning somethign with bleach, which I am highly allergic to. I also decided to multitask and dye my hair at the same time. My husband came home earlier than he expected to find me in a purple plastic hair cover, respirator and big yellow gloves. It had to have been quite a sight! He didn’t even bat an eye and just started into a normal conversation.

  3. Connie Rose says:

    I’ll have to try thiox paste…I’m not happy with the results I’ve been getting putting handdyeds in a thiox bath, the color gets way too washed out. Maybe overdyeing is the key. Thus far my best efforts with discharge have been on black commercial fabrics. Your work here look wonderful.

  4. Wow Gerrie, these look already interesting, wonder what the final results will be; you inspired me to finally take out my thiox and try it myself!


  5. Mary Manahan says:

    Awesome effects!!

  6. Jenny says:

    These are going to be fantastic, Gerrie!

  7. Francoise says:

    Nice fabrics. Can’t wait to see the results.
    Love your new facebook photo btw!