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The Straight and Narrow debut

Today was the beginning of the green season in the Episcopal church – also known as the ordinary season. The silk banner I made back in March for the Quilt Art list challenge made it’s debut. It looks stunning next to the stained glass window. One young man told me he could not take his eyes of it during the service and Fr. Matt wants a whole set of vestments with the same design. I’ll have to think about that for awhile!!

Anyway, here is how it looked. It seems to be hanging crooked, but it didn’t look that way at church. I’ll have to go back in and check!!

16 Responses to “The Straight and Narrow debut”

  1. Elle says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors of it against that rich wood and the colors of the window and candle holders.

  2. Dorothee says:

    It’s wonderful, Gerrie. I love the colours and their “flow”.

  3. Sarah says:

    This is beautiful!! I am so glad I found your blog – so much inspiration for someone just discovering quilting.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful work, Gerrie. It doesn’t look crooked to me, only like it is wafting in a gentle breeze. And I have to go along with the earlier poster – I was trying to figure out why your church had thread stands right up front!
    Best to you,
    Santa Barbara, CA

  5. Scrapmaker says:

    I can only add to the chorus…lovely, and just right for the place it hangs. Jen

  6. it is really gorgeous. wow.

  7. lizzieb says:

    This is the first time I could see the entire hanging. It is absolutely wonderful!
    Are all of our Northern Californiaa Episcopal churches built in redwood? Looks like I would be right at home in your church!
    Think about the vestments…discuss with Fr. Matt whether someone would like to commission you…vestments are fun to do…stole, chasuble, veil…what ever else your church needs. But see if Fr Matt can find someone who would like to donate the cost of the vestments…doing it free gets a little tough. Just something to think about.

  8. It looks absolutely perfect. And what a beautiful church!

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL! I can imagine vestments that matched would be stunning. Actually, greens are my favourtie church season to work with – Advent and Easter are ok, but GREEEEEN – yes!

  10. Cathy says:

    This is wonderful, just glowing. What a great addition to your church.

  11. Mrs. Mel says:

    Of course I love it too Gerrie, and I had to take a second look at the candles below it. At first I thought they were a thread stand!

  12. Isabelle says:

    That’s an amazing banner!! What a wonderful addition to the church. There is a banner in the same style in my church, although yours is more vibrant. You know, I never thought you could actually offer yourself to make a hanging to decorate your church! Guess I’m a little bit too shy 😉

    I admire you very much. Both for your talent and perfect choice of colours, and for giving such an awesome addition to your church!

    Isabelle (France)

  13. Deb R says:

    It looks gorgeous, Gerrie. The colors just glow against the wood and I love how the reds and blues play against the colors of the stained glass window. Perfect.

  14. Gerrie, It looks great. Just like it was made to hang there. I especially like how the colored crosses make your eye move through the quilt. Good job!

  15. Diane says:

    It looks gorgeous hanging up there! Congratulations!

  16. Oh Gerrie…it IS lovely!!