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Mark Making

I had one of those days. I was doing household stuff this morning and then spent an ungodly amount of time waiting to see the ENT Dr this afternoon. So, finally, tonight, I made it down to the studio and did some mark making on fabric, my version of graffiti.

I first tried doing some monoprints, but was not getting the results that I wanted. I ended up using one of my veterinarian syringes to get the lines that I was looking for. I have an idea percolating that requires some marks on organza, which is on the right.  I uses a washed dupioni  creamy silk as the undercloth which is on the right. I cut a piece for today’s fiber sketch.

Back to the ENT appointment, once I finally got in, he did some poking and prodding and scoping and decided that I need a CT Scan. I was not doing well today as I had an allergy flareup, but it was good that he could see that it is a problem for me. Mr C  has been slacking, and so I did some cleaning over the week-end and got into the dust. He told me that I should wear a good dust mask, even when someone else is doing the dusting and vacuuming. Ha!

Tomorrow morning, I go for the fitting of my new front tooth crown. I hope it fits and looks good so that I can be done with visits to the dentist.

Only one more day until we reveal our latest Twelve by  Twelve pieces with the complements of purple and yellow. I really love what I did and can’t wait to show it.

One Response to “Mark Making”

  1. rayna says:

    Oh, good grief – hope the ENT figures out what is what and that your crown fits. What a waste of time going to all these medical appointments! Dust mask for CLEANING? Yeah, right.

    Those marks are very expressive. Would you like me to analyze them or is it obvious how you were feeling when you made them? LOL