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More art in the mail

I have had two very busy days. On Monday, I worked at the SDA office getting work done for the conference coming up in Kansas City next week. I have to go in tomorrow and finish up. Today was Pointless Sister’s day. Debra, who is on the artful quilter’s blog ring, came for a visit. I was there with my camera and NO battery. Someone else took photos and will e-mail them to me and I will post them later this week. She brought the eucalyptus piece. It is beautiful and her quilting is fantastic. We all loved having her visit and want her to become a member of our group. She also brought her painted fabric and it is even petter in person.

After show and tell and lunch, I showed several members how to make art2mail. They did some fabulous pieces, but again, no camera, so you will have to wait for Sandy to send me the pics.

Here, however, are some to see. You may recognize the beauty on the left. Karoda made it and posted it on her blog. I told her I thought it should be mine and voila! it showed up in my mail box. Was fun to be on the other end of art2mail!! Robot Man is for my adorable 3 year old grandson who loves robots.

The top postcard is for Mia, my beautiful granddaughter. When I visited them last month, I said I would make and send them post cards and she requested a cat! The bottom piece will probably go to our neighbors who had us over for dinner last week. It is made with silk stamped with gold metallic paint.

10 Responses to “More art in the mail”

  1. Caitlin says:

    POSTCARDS! Wheeeeeeeee! Ok, I’m determined I have to make some now!

  2. M and G says:

    Hey I saw you post a comment on Rosies blog and thought I would pop over. I LOVE your art/quilt work! It’s very beautiful. I really think the scarf is my favorite so far though. I just Love the colors. Some of my favorite colors together are in it. I would probably put it in a frame on my wall! lol
    I bookmarked you and will keep checking your stuff out. Take care

  3. stephanie says:

    the kids are going to be so thrilled to get those in the mail!

  4. amanda says:

    Your postcards are just amazing–these two, and the ones I’ve seen on your daughters blogs. Lovely, lovely work!

  5. Elle says:

    Robot Man is cool! So is the cat! I also like the sheer look of the stamped silk.

  6. laurie b. says:

    I love looking at all of your fabric postcards — they are really beautiful. My favorites are the brid ones. 🙂

  7. Diane says:

    I’m still irked that I had to miss this! I’ve already heard glowing reviews! Love the cat and robot…lucky Miles and Mia!

  8. bellablue says:

    WoW! I LOVE these cards! Are they made of fabric? Lovely!

  9. Karoda says:

    gerrie, i did a double take when i saw the card…forgot that it was in the mail to you lol i’m even more thrilled when they arrive to their intended destination than i am when making them or mailing them off. incoming brainstorm here-i just had this idea to leave found art in the form of post cards around town (useta be a website for this sorta thing) and do a blog where with the release photo and ask finders to make comments when when they pick up my postcards…ummm, just like with bookcrossing.

  10. Debra says:

    I left you that gold stamped leaf piece, and you didn’t use it???

    I’m coming back up there and taking it back.