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SAQA Auction Soon

This is my piece for the annual SAQA auction. I call it Entwined Roots. I used fused skinny bits that were left over from another larger quilt. The SAQA quilts are 12 by 12. The bidding starts on September 20th You can go here to see all of the quilts.

Here are some other quilts that I thought would play nicely with mine. I like the use of lines in these pieces.

Mary E. McBride  Mangrove Jack’s Home  

Catherine Timm Unnamed

BJ Parady Goldenrod Galls 5

I have purchased a piece each year that the auction has been in existence. It is a chance to get a piece of great fiber art and start a collection.

2 Responses to “SAQA Auction Soon”

  1. Mary McBride says:

    Thanks for using my work as an example of line use on your blog! Love your work too…it’s like about an hour after the party ended and time to sit down and talk about who was there and what happened! Lovely.

  2. I love your quilt ~ it’s so calming.