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Viral Attack

That is what I seem to have and I had fun making this fiber sketch to illustrate how, I feel -frayed edges and all prickly. Yesterday, I didn’t do much except drink liquids, nap and do a little work for SDA.

I have not felt much better today, but I had to get a travel bag and label done for my aspen quilt that is in the Oregon SAQA show which debuts next week at NW Quilt Expo. I created and printed a label on cotton. I made 2 copies.

One got fused to the back of the quilt.

And the other was fused to the bag which I had already sewn up. That strip is covering my phone number.

I save selvage strips and use them as ties for my traveling quilts.

I rolled the quilt on a swim tube, and put it in the bag and it is ready to deliver tomorrow. And now I am out of energy to do anything but watch Top Chef finale.

4 Responses to “Viral Attack”

  1. Vicki W says:

    I like you yo label your quilts and travel bags to match. That’s brilliant!

  2. Judy says:

    boy do I love those labels! great idea!!

    hope you are feeling better today. hmmm: that biofeedback that Carol mentioned sounds interesting!

    take care


  3. Jeannie says:

    Feel better soon, Gerrie! Were you rooting for Whitney?

  4. carol johnson says:

    have you tried biofeedback? I had the worst virus I’ve ever had this summer and it really worked wonders.