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Artistic Funk

I am going through one of those artistic withdrawal times. I have found it difficult to have a block of time when I could get into the studio and start another major series that I have in my mind. I have had little spurts. I diyed a large piece of cotton black — well, it was supposed to be black! It is more blueish than I planned. I thought I used  enough dye to get a good black, but I didn’t. I think it will work nicely for what I have in mind. My friend, Bonnie Bucknam of Handwerk Textiles, brought me two yards of a nice black cotton sateen today. So, I have some good raw materials for my discharge project that I want to do. That is a start!!

I had a busy week-end. Mr C and I did some cleaning, and I cooked up two different soups to serve at the Columbia Fiberarts Guild board meeting/luncheon. I am no longer president, but hosted the meeting of the retiring and new boards. I made a lentil soup in the slow cooker and a curried carrot ginger soup. They were both delicious.

I thought I would show the crow piece mounted on the 6 X6 inch canvas which I painted black. I used the leftover paint to do some circle monoprints. I used a piece for the fiber sketch, titled Chain Reaction.

You can also see my messy work table, another reason I am in an artistic funk. I just don’t have the energy to clean up so that I can start over.

I am very excited. Mr C and I just made a commitment to travel to Japan next April — this has been a dream of mine for a long time. He has traveled there many times and so we are both excited to go together this time.

10 Responses to “Artistic Funk”

  1. Bonnie says:

    I love the way the discharge turned out! Thanks for the acknowledgement and the link.

  2. Kristin L says:

    I like your monoprint. I need to make the time to make some too.

  3. Connie Akers says:

    Oh Gerrie, I totally identify with your funk and know you will get out of it as you so often do. You inspire me with your energy & creative production. I LOVE the crow. I am a crow “nut” and tried mightily to get my own pictures in NM without luck. I have a small crow by Virginia Speigel so if you want to sell this one I’d love to start a collection.

    The Japan news is THRILLING. I want so badly to go some day. Karl was there in the navy and we hosted Japanese students several times. Are you going with a group?

  4. Connie Rose says:

    Keep on truckin’, honey. I love the framed crow piece! Congrats on your upcoming trip — sounds wonderful. The funk will pass soon, I’m sure.

  5. Hilde Morin says:

    I hate those funks, had it all summer long but you’ll get out eventually :)) Looking at your mess makes me smile!

  6. Karen Rips says:

    Oh you will love Japan, so much inspiration there. Funks are a drag, and sometimes hard to get out of, I hope this one is short lived.

  7. Diane Wright says:

    Your crow is just wonderful. And a trip to Japan…how nice. My youngest has lived in Osaka for 18 years…went to teach English, made friends, has a life…comes home for visits. It’s a very seductive country ;^) I know you will enjoy the adventure…and the planning and anticipation is part of it.

  8. ah, the ebb and flow. Natural but frustrating. Very exciting about your trip to Japan! Your flow will return.

  9. Welcome back to blogger space! I hate those funks. I’ve been in one for months, but a 2 day workshop all about complex cloth seems to have given me a push in the right direction.
    I love your crow! He is beautiful. I’m starting to see inspiration again.


  10. Jeannie says:

    We all know about funks, hate them, and rejoice when they are over. I am glad you are back. I was getting worried.;) Take care and enjoy the sunshine.