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Getting Rusty

I suddenly realized that I must get to work on my next Twelve X Twelve colorplay piece. The theme is rust with a blue-green patina. I found some scraps and warmed up with a fiber sketch using some blue-green silk and some copper mesh.

Here are the fabrics that I plan to use. I am thinking of incorporating some copper mesh or wire.

Obama was in town tonight. We thought about standing in line for two hours to get in, and then thought better of it. I was happy to see that there was a capacity crowd and were not missed!!

I used to rant about politics on this blog. It was part of my schtick. Then, I started a separate political blog. I deleted that.  Now, I find the whole political scene so depressing that I just want to escape from it. I feel in limbo, waiting for the next shoe to drop. I will be glad when November 2 is done and over, and we can move on.

5 Responses to “Getting Rusty”

  1. Jeannie says:

    I love the fabrics you have chosen and the fiber sketch is great. I agree on the political front. It seems like if you are wacky you either get your own reality show or run for office. When people talk about going back to the “good ole days” I wish they were referring to when people had common sense. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

  2. Karoda says:

    but ya know, gerrie, what is really really depressing is the support the crazy makers have…that they threaten and are influencing politics to the degree they are…and then knowing that my neighbors and citizens I share community with are supporters is VERY unsettling!!!

  3. Karoda says:

    yes, yes, i know very well how the crazy-making can get the best of us and there becomes the need to tune it out…i actually do believe i suffered ptsd under bushit…but just keep encouraging the liberal-minded souls not to loose faith or perspective and get to the polls early and often 😉

  4. Linda Moran says:

    I so agree. I decided last night to write down my frustrations with the election season, and realized how carefully I had to couch everything to not upset others. I don’t like that we’ve come to this, on both sides. I’ll reread it again after school and see how I feel about posting it. If nothing else, it may drive traffic to the blog!

  5. Beverly says:

    It is depressing, isn’t it? I feel very much the same.