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Attention Deficit Disorder

I am being pulled in too many directions or maybe I just can’t focus. I talked to Steph on the phone today,  and she is having the same problem, but she has two children to tend to so I think she is being too hard on herself.

I have had a lot of little website things to do. I always feel compelled to do them as soon as they come in. It has been a constant string of interruptions today. I had planned some studio time, but I never made it until tonight.

Oh, here is another thing. I know that someplace in my studio, I have a piece of hand-dyed cheesecloth in browns and oranges. I think that Kristin sent it to me with some other hand-dyed fabrics. I wanted to use it as another layer for the orange and brown woven background. I have wasted so much time looking for it. Now, I am trying to remember if I used it on another piece.

So, I was looking around and saw an onion bag that I had been using for surface design. I cut some strips and pinned it to the background. I also cut up some green painted lutradur which I glued down. I started handstitching it with the perle cotton that is in the photo.

I think it is a good exercise for me to keep working on this and find ways to make it more interesting.

In the meantime, I am really anxious to get to work on the organza water piece. I am just in love with the way the painted organza looks. I started cutting strips to piece for my little pockets. The due date has been changed to March 1st – which is part of the reason I was busy updating the website today. However, I have other deadlines so I am going to get this done as soon as I can.

Yesterday, I went to my first Palates class. I can walk today, but I sure am feeling it. I really enjoyed the camaraderie with the other women who were essentially in my age division. I am going back tomorrow morning.

Today, on my walk with Scooter, I took some photos of the rain forest effect that we have going on here with all the rain and the mild temperatures.

A mossy walkway.

A mossy stone wall.

Ferns growing in trees.

3 Responses to “Attention Deficit Disorder”

  1. Karoda says:

    you might be feeling the lack of focus but one benefit to blogging is going back through the archives to see how productive (in your case) you have been…just catching up with your posts left me thinking that you’re doing some fabulous fabric work! Keep calm and sew on!

  2. suzy bates says:

    Love the onion bag idea. I’ve got a lot of lutradur and haven’t done anything with it. You have inspired me!

  3. Connie Rose says:

    That mossy wall looks like it wants to become a quilt! Glad you’re feeling good. Postcard is in the mail!