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Lime Green Trees and the Fence

This post is really for my son, Mark in San Francisco. I wanted to show him how beautiful the plants and trees that he planted last fall have become. And to give him an update on the fence that Mr C has constructed.

Look at these gorgeous lime green Japanese Maples:





Here is the fence. We picked out a black oak stain. Mr C wanted it to blend in with the trees in the back and to match the trim on the house. It looks very nice. He spent half a day yesterday and most of today painting. He has about 3 panels to go.




I am working to finish the passages piece for the Columbia Stitchery show next week. I am doing some hand stitching with Perle cotton before I do the backing and machine quilting.

Don’t forget to send me our bumper sticker photos and click the bumpersticker to see the photos that have come in so far.


4 Responses to “Lime Green Trees and the Fence”

  1. debbi says:

    Here is a link to my blog with photos of my bumper sticker.


    I took photos of my son with his NJROTC friends and a cadet who will be going in the Army in a few weeks.

    Thank-you so much for send it to me.

  2. Liz Berg says:

    This is looking so nice! By the end of summer it will be absolutely beautiful as everything will have grown some more! The fence is looking nice!

  3. Judy says:

    Our Japanese Maples are RED, why are yours Chartreuse??? Is that a personal thingy???
    While I detest fences, yours is attractive! Congrats!!
    I still need to get a bumper sticker pic to you…soon, I promise. I love the ones you have posted.
    Glad you are finally rid of that virus.

  4. debbi says:

    Hi, I got my bumper stiker and will be taking a photo on Wednesday. I am taking a photos with a group of special people who this war is going to inpact their young lives.