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Pointless Sister’s Crit Group

Today was the monthly meeting of our critique group. Thought I would show you some of the great work some of the members are doing.

Pat did a blended photo quilt for our current challenge where we exchanged bags with an object in it that was to be an inspiration. Hers had a shell and a poem about the sea among other things. ( I got three pinch clothes pins -yikes!)

This is Ruth’s piece from a class with Jane Sassaman. I love the way she used the gradated dotted fabric for the flowers.

This is Virginia’s version of the Freddy dot com quilt. She is donating it to the new children’s home.

I love this gift that Linda made for her daughter who is heading off to college. On the front is a photo of a lily printed on silk that has been cut into nine sections.

When each section is lifted it reveals two photos from her daughter’s childhood.

Linda took Phil Beaver’s fabric painting and quilt class and produced this beautiful piece of sunflowers and coneflowers.

Marjorie did these two pieces by dye painting on fabric and then machine stitching to enhance the design. They are both whole cloth pieces. I was blown away by how realistic the water looks in this first piece.

It was so exciting to see this fantastic work.

4 Responses to “Pointless Sister’s Crit Group”

  1. Gerrie,
    Thanks for sharing the pics of your friends projects. I love the incorporated photo idea!

  2. Scrapmaker says:

    Wonderful! I love seeing what other quilt artists do.

    Clothespins…interesting form. I am seeing them giant, small, tumbling, dancing…Ok now I can’t stop thinking about crazy clothespins! Jen

  3. Cheryl says:

    You are so blessed to be in the company of so many talented friends. And they, of course, are lucky to be with you!

  4. mary m. says:


    Those are some talented ladies. What are you doing with your clothespins?