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Chartreuse Reveal

I made 2, well, if you count Klee’s Castles, I made 3 pieces for this challenge. I still have some fused fabrics so there could be more!! This one I call Chartreuse Square in a Square until I come up with something better. Maybe Chartreuse Joy because it is a very happy piece.

Here is a detail.

Here it is in progress. You can see how I drafted the piece on the paper beneath the teflon sheet. I used different sized squares that would fit into a 12 inch square. I fused the piece on the teflon with the drawing as a guide. Then the whole piece is fused to batting. I wanted to use lots of different colors to show how well chartreuse works as a neutral.

This is the second piece which I actually made first.

I named this one All My Exes. It is a riff on a Paul Klee painting.  Here is a detail:

I started by making fused fabric ala Melody Johnson.

Here it is in progress. I had a drawing that I used as a guide for this, but it was not as accurate as the square in a square piece.

Here is the piece fused and partially quilted.

It seemed lacking to me. I thought it needed a focal point and some texture so I added the large Xes and left dangling threads when I stitched them.

I hope you will head over to the Twelve by Twelve blog and see what all my friends have done  with my favorite neutral.

5 Responses to “Chartreuse Reveal”

  1. Those are just great, Gerrie. I don’t know which one I like best.

  2. JB says:

    I had forgotten your earlier Albers inspiration. I think you are on a role, personally!

  3. Sue Reno says:

    Such joyful work! You combine all those glorious colors so masterfully.

  4. I enjoyed not only seeing your results, but also reading about the process. It fascinates me to find out the different routes we all take toward the same destination! Guess I will have to bookmark you and come back again and again!

  5. It is a happy piece and of course the color is so Gerrie. I like the other piece to but I paritcularly love the masking tape resist of yesterday. That deep cabernet/eggplant color is gorgeous.
    Your poem made me bust out laughing-thanks, I really needed that.
    Off to the machine for some piecing of my own…Adoring you from the east.