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Spicing Things Up

I started work on my spicy piece for the next Twelve X Twelve challenge. I love the pieces that Jane LaFazio makes. She has a tutorial on her blog. She uses ribbons, sheer fabrics as well as yarn and roving on a prefelt  background. I decided that I needed to make a trip to Fabric Depot for some spicy chiffon and ribbons. I love the paisley chiffons that I found. Remember, you can click on any photo to see it larger.

I got my Bernina set up with the felting attachment and proceeded to break needle after needle. Not good as they are very pricy. I could not find anymore needles in the city of Portland so I have ordered some from Nancy’s Notions. This is as far as I got on one piece of prefelt.

While I wait for the needles to arrive, I have been felting by hand. It is not as fast and not great for carpal tunnel!!

I am still having a lot of SDA work to do. I had a dry spell when the new website went live, but I am now getting to do some of the behind the scenes work on it. I have also been handling registrations for staying in the University of Minnesota dorms at the SDA conference. That job is almost done. The conference, which I am not attending, starts June 4th with pre-confeence workshops.

6 Responses to “Spicing Things Up”

  1. Except for one needle-felted hat at Rhinebeck, N.Y., Sheep & Wool a few years ago, I’ve never been a needle felting fan. But your amalgam of fibers is gorgeous. Looking forward to June 1 “reveal.” Watch the wrists, please!

  2. Judy says:

    That paisley chiffon is so cool! I hadn’t seen it before. I, too, have needles but like Kristin live way too far away to be of much help. I was so excited when I bought the felting attachment for my Bernina, and then had the same problem with needle breakage. I’ve given up for now, and think that at some point I may just bite the bullet and buy an embellisher. Good luck…..what you’ve done is gorgeous, so don’t let breakage discourage you!


  3. jenclair says:

    Great colors, and I love the nest of ribbons, etc. pic!

  4. francoise says:

    Yummy colours! I’m almost done with mine.

  5. Kristin L says:

    Too bad we don’t live closer — I have needles. I LOVE that paisley chiffon — I’d trade needles for it 🙂

  6. Jeannie says:

    Yum! I love the colors you are using and that paisley is wonderful. Hope is was sunny in your neighborhood.