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Art Every Day 15

Sunday, November 15th, 2009


Yesterday, I could barely move a muscle. I was out grocery shopping and thought I would pass out before I made it home. I thought I was coming down with the flu. This morning, I realized it is my first major sinus infection of the season. I am still feeling pretty lousy tonight. Suffice it to say that not much art is getting done.

I did spend some time today thinking about the first Twelve X Twelve color challenge — pink. I pulled out all of my pink fabrics (who knew I had so many!). I need to decide whether some of these will work or if I need to paint some fabric.

I have decided to be transparent about what I am doing this time around. It will involve abstracting an image of this tall building in Portland known as Big Pink.



I am off to bed for my Sunday night guilty pleasure, watching Brothers and Sisters in my comfy bed.

Art Every Day 13

Friday, November 13th, 2009


Today, I persevered at the working with flux nonobjectively. Above, is the first assertive drawing. I place the 3 ft X 4 ft paper on the wall and then attack it with charcoal and crayon. I enjoy this part. Next, is the obliteration with white paint. I was working with lines and pods, today. All images are clickable.


Then, I went back in with charcoal and crayon – making more marks.


I added more paint and more charcoal. This was the final piece with a detail, following.



I did another, smaller piece. The first drawing:


The obliteration:


More drawing:


And the final piece after more paint and charcoal:


The next workshop in the book is objective drawing.

Look what I received in the mail yesterday. I was the recipient of this lovely postcard made by Dale Ann Potter when she did a drawing after reaching her 500th follower for her Facebook fan page.


We had a typical November day — rain, sunbreaks, and more rain. Mr C, Scooter and I got caught in a pretty good down pour this morning. My new umbrella from Lisa came in very handy.

Art Every Day 12

Thursday, November 12th, 2009


So, tonight, I decided to get back to my Expressive Drawing program with Steven Aimone. This workshop was called working with flux nonobjectively. This is an exercise of asserting and obliterating, marking and veiling. You begin by doing the expressive drawing technique, but stop intermittently and obliterate portions with white paint. The drawing is done with charcoal and crayon. I think I was not aggressive enough with the veiling/obliteration so I will do another of these. You can click on it to see it larger which shows the layering created by the obliteration of some areas.

I have to keep reminding me of the things that Steven says makes drawing easier:

  1. Be kind to yourself
  2. Don’t worry about being perfect
  3. Set reasonable expectations
  4. Enjoy the process
  5. Don’t overthink things
  6. Challenge assumptions
  7. Ignore uninformed feedback
  8. Find community

I had a fun day out and about with my friends in the STASH group. The first quilt shop we went to was beautifully done in an historic old building. It had beautiful traditional fabric with a few modern prints and a very nice collection of Kaffe Fassett. I didn’t buy any fabric, just some thread, a sealing iron and these beautiful hand-dyed embroidery threads


We then headed for another fabric shop which had batiks. I bought these.


And this remnant for quilt backs. It has four prints in one piece.


Next door was Tap Plastics. We had some fun poking around. I bought 3 different squeegees for my screenprinting.

After a good lunch together, we called it a day.

Art Every Day 11

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009


This is a paint rag that I used when I was painting my black hole pieces. I loved the play of colors. Today, I took some India ink and dribbled it over the piece. I cut it up and collaged it on a black background.


It is a work in progress.

I spent most of the day as Suzie Homemaker. The morning was given to tidying our bedroom and doing laundry. This afternoon, I started the clean-up of the postcard making frenzy. I finished it tonight so I have a clean slate for doing some art.

Tomorrow is STASH. We are going on a field trip to a new quilt shop in West Linn and will have a nice lunch together. I am looking forward to it.

Art Every Day 10

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


Here is another idea that I have for the Bird’s Eye View show.  A few years ago, Mr C and I went to the Grand Canyon and I took lots of photos, looking down into the canyon. I have always wanted to abstract one of these photos and create the canyon in fabric in some cool colors.

I used the Photoshop photocopy filter on the above photo with this result:


I have printed this on 11 X 14 paper and will put tracing paper over it and redraw with simple graphic lines and shapes.

So there is my art for the day. I had to spend most of the day doing tasks for the Columbia Fiberarts Guild and SDA. It involved thinking and writing. Tonight, I had Arts Commission meeting at the cathedral. They asked me to be the featured artist for Artists Among Us in May. My work will be featured on all the promotional postcards and posters and I will have a lovely spot, front and center to display my work. I am very honored and excited.

I have a silk scarf in an auction to help a young woman with breast cancer. She is a friend of my daughter’s partner, Clay. There are several nice items in the auction. Take a look and think about bidding on something. Here is the link: Art Sustains Us