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A Quick Check-in

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

drawing 4-4-13


I have been crazy busy with SDA conference stuff and finishing the big quilt so that I can photograph it and submit it tomorrow. I am happy to say that I am going to make it. I finished the quilting this morning and then got it trimmed to size. I am now sewing the facings to the back.



I have nothing else of interest to share. Oh, I did get a drawing done. It is up at the top. I also got several 3 x 3’s stitched while I watched Project Runway. I had to go out and find some blue and yellow beads. Now, tonight, I realize that I am getting low on red. This is going to require a lot of beads!

The rain came back and Mr C and I both admitted we didn’t mind. It is such a part of life here in Portland during this time of year, it seems odd when it gets to be too sunny and dry. I really have become an Oregonian!


Something Finished?

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013



I think I have finished the painted edge of the gallery frame for Fiesta. The painting is quite primitive, but so is my stitching!! I think it looks pretty good. I want to seal it with some gel medium once it is dry.

I didn’t get much done on the big silk piece. I decided I didn’t want to scrimp so I quickly order some more rainbow dyed silk today. Hope it gets here, soon.

Today, I went out to do some errands. I had to return some things to Macys that didn’t fit and pick up some jewelry that needed some repairs. After I left the mall, I stopped at Fred Meyer to do some grocery shopping. I heard an announcement over the PA system saying would the owner of a beige Lexus with license plate 430CJN please come to customer service. Scared the heck out of me. I thought maybe somebody had done a smash and grab or backed into my car. It turns out that some good Samaritan noticed that I had a flat tire and wanted to be sure that I knew. A quick call to Mr C and he came and took care of the tire while I took his car home with the groceries. I am very grateful to that person because I think I would not have noticed it.

Here is today’s drawing with some watercolor enhancement.

drawing 3-19-13


I thought I would show you the original.



Tomorrow, I have the monthly SAQA meeting here at my house. I am so impressed with how dedicated the members are. We get a pretty good attendance every month.

A Productive Day

Monday, March 18th, 2013



I had a busy morning getting out reports to all the committee chairs for the SDA conference. I also got quite a bit done in the studio.

I finished painting the edges of the gallery frame for Fiesta and mounted the quilt on it with gel medium – it fit perfectly. My next thing is to add some paint details that echo the hand stitching. I sort of started. I realize that I need a better brush and I need to sit down and be careful.



I also made more small parts for the silk quilt I am designing. I decided to lay the batting on a large table for the layout and fusing. So, I got one of my tables cleared and took care of that. I also did some hand stitching and beading on the 3 x 3 installation.


My drawing for today is not that great; I left it until late in the day, again.

drawing 3-18-13


This afternoon, Mr C went to Trinity to help prepare and serve corned beef and cabbage to the low income residents in the neighborhood of the church. He was very proud of his cooking skills. He claims to be an expert at boiling food!!

Something Finished

Friday, January 4th, 2013


It has been another busy day. But, I am happy to say that I have the Illuminated Rosales ready to deliver to Trinity tomorrow. It has been a while since I was working on this. This piece sort of evolved and went in a direction I didn’t originally plan, but I think it is an interesting piece, none the less. Here is the original photo:



I am quite pleased with the backing that I used. I had a rather large piece of industrial felt which I cut larger than the finished quilt. I Mistyfused the felt and the back of the quilt to give a better adhesion.






After the quilt was fused to the felt, I carefully rotary cut the edges to the same size.



We bought some aluminum bars at Home Depot and cut them to size. On one, we drilled holes a half inch from each end. I had a bit of a problem finding the right glue, but my local mixed media store had E6000 epoxy which Jane Dunnewold recommends in her tutorial. I glued one bar, with the holes to the top. The ends with the holes are not glued so that the holes can be accessed for hanging.




The other bar was glued to the bottom to help the quilt hang straight. I fused a label, and I was done. The fusing makes for a nice tight bond on the edges so I did no other finishing.



I was so busy doing this and gearing up for the SDA registration to start next week, that I almost forgot to do my drawing. I hope I have time to work on the drawing a bit more once the registration is underway.



This is a drawing of a very bruised pear.

I still have a scratchy throat, but I seem to be able to keep going. Tomorrow, I will be helping to text the new online registration system. Hopefully, it will go live on Monday.



Glub! Glub!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

1-3-13 drawing

This is all I have to show. I spent a lot of time on other stuff, like getting ready for the  onslaught of registrations for the SDA conference, which starts on Monday. I also got the Rosales Organ piece ready to prepare for hanging. I finished the quilting and clipping threads. I have to turn it in on Saturday afternoon.

I have decided that I am going to prepare this for hanging the way Jane Dunnewold does her quilts. I am going to fuse the quilt to a felt back and then use aluminum slats, glued to the felt for hanging. I have seen her quilts done this way at the Schweinfurth and it  looks very professional. She has a tutorial on her website. You can find it here.

Today’s drawing is a bit wonky, but I am very pleased with the cup handle.”

On a sadder note and something I do not need, I think I am coming down with the bug that was rampant in our house last week. I have a scratchy throat that feels like a bad cold coming on. Wish me well as I slog through the next few days.