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My Fabric Postcard Challenge

Monday, February 7th, 2005

I love to make tiny little art quilts. I have turned a whole deck of cards into tiny quilts as part of a challenge on the Quilt Art list. I sent my deck away and received a new deck of cards – each one was a little gem created by another fiber artist. This year I have decided to make fabric postcards to send in lieu of thank you notes, birthday cards and get well wishes. With Valentine’s Day looming, I think I have to get busy!! Here are three cards that I have completed so far.

This was for Steve’s birthday;

This was for my daughter Lisa‘s Birthday (she is very partial to bird imagery):

This was for my friend Diane‘s birthday:

When I mail the cards, I use a 37 cent stamp. Sometimes I ask for hand cancelling, other times I just drop them in the mailbox. So far they have all arrived at their destinations.