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Indigo Moons

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

What a difference a day makes. I came home today, full of energy. I took Maggie for a long walk after I rinsed out the days dyeing and threw it in the washer. I made a fabulous dinner of grilled pork loin, roasted butternut squash, steamed haricot verts and a yummy Asian slaw. Then I ironed my fabric, photographed it and stitched some pieces for tomorrow. I am woman; hear me roar.

Look at these gorgeous pieces done by a class member who is a weaver. They are woven of some unusual fibers. The one on the left is bamboo and the one in the center is soy. On the bamboo piece, she wove in a yarn that was pulled and tied to create the pattern. The second one was simply knotted in 3 places and the third was arashi wrapped on a pole. That is Judyleigh, our instructor.


I dyed some of my silk/cotton blend in brazilwood with an alum mordant. I really love this reddish color. I am going to do some more tomorrow.


Here is most of today’s work. I was in to lines and circles today.


Left to right:

  1. cotton, accordion pleated and tied with a one inch ribbon at four intervals
  2. cotton, arashi wrapped on a pvc pipe.
  3. cotton, folded and clamped with various circles as resists.


Left to right:

  1. pleated silk chiffon, folded and clamped with circles
  2. cotton/silk folded and clamped with various circles.
  3. dupioni silk, tied and dyed in logwood with an alum mordant. A really wonderful purple
  4. silk charmeuse scarf stitched and pressed vertically then stitched horizontally and pressed — shibori plaid (on sewing machine)
  5. silk organza, folded and clamped with metal washers.

I am getting so much out of this class that I can transfer to my procion dyeing. There are 8 of us in the class and only 3 are quilters. It is quite interesting to see what the others are doing.