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Thursday This and That with Some Whine

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Today was a special day because Mr C was born on this day. He is my rock; he is a great dad and a super grandpa.


Today, he took a break from the painting of my office, and we took off for an art date at the Portland Art Museum and dinner at one of Portland’s finest dining establishments — Higgins.

I have been extremely slothful. I finally gave in and called the doc this morning. I started on Azithromycin tonight. I just couldn’t shake the sinus thing with my holistic treatments. I am getting so behind creatively. I signed up for Laura’s Idea to Image class and I haven’t done a single assignment. I need to get a chair themed 12 X 12 piece done, I have to prepare for a class I am teaching next Saturday, I need to finish the Fiber Arts for a Cause piece, and so on and so on.

Enough whining. I still have some Yes We Did stickers. e-mail me your snail mail at gerrie at gericondesigns.com if you would like one.

I will be back when I have something creative to share.