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A Lively Wind Opening

Friday, January 11th, 2013



I pulled myself together and Mr C and I went down to Trinity tonight for the opening of A Lively Wind, the art show celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Rosales Organ. There were lots of folks in attendance and great jazz  trio provided musical entertainment. That is my piece behind the people.

Here is a better view of it hanging. The lighting and the foil on this piece made it hard to photograph.



For regular blog readers, you know that this was a difficult one for me to execute. I had a vision in my head which I did not create. The resulting piece is really quite impressive.  I got lots of positive feedback. There is a possibility that it may be purchased for the church vestibule. I am honored to even be considered.

Twenty-five artists were represented in the show. It was one of the largest we have hung. There were two runners up and one best of show awards given out. Here are the runners up:



This is a collage piece which I couldn’t photograph because of the light.



This is calligraphy and ink.

Bonnie, who used to teach music at Reed College, won Best of Show. This is a beautiful abstract painting.



I loved this small replica of the organ. It is only about 2 feet tall.



This is a very blurry detail, but you can see what the mighty wind from the organ has done.



I am slowly getting better, but am still feeling crappy with a head full of snot (sorry, but that is the case) and then there is the incessant coughing. I hear this lasts for 3 weeks. Argh! I missed STASH yesterday. I love spending time with that group of friends.

Today, I got a couple of big jobs from SDA to do in Constant Contact. It took up most of the day and I still am not finish. I have to create new banner art and get oks from people. Takes time.

I have not had the time or the energy to do more drawings, but I will. I am liking the challenge.