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In Spread Sheet H*ll

Thursday, January 24th, 2013


My left brain has been taxed for a couple of days. I have been consumed by spreadsheets —spreadsheets from the SDA registration site of workshop attendees, reports of every thing that people have selected to do or purchase, Paypal orders that have to be reconciled with the website spreadsheets. I think I am caught up for a bit.

I didn’t make it to the studio until tonight, but I have a print out of a plan for a quilt I want to do. I took a photo of some of the fabrics, but it didn’t make it to my Dropbox. I am still not able to upload photos to the laptop and I don’t think I will have time to do that for awhile. So the office computer will suffice.

I like to chronicle the clean surfaces in my studio, as it happens so seldom. I washed the old sheets that cover my print and ironing tables, above. I put a new layer of felt on my print table a few weeks ago. It is already getting some color.




Here is my neat and tidy cutting table.


How many sizes of teflon sheets does a fusing fiber artist need? Apparently, many!



And, here are my latest sketches.

1-23-13 drawing


1-24-13 drawing


Not that happy or excited with these. I was watching Project Runway and a bit distracted. I thought the team concept created a nicer environment. However, I am not sure it will last. Such egos these artists have!!