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Getting My Mojo Back

Did you ever wonder where the term mojo originated? I looked it up on Wikipedia:

Mojo is a magical charm bag used in hoodoo, which has transmuted into a slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem or sex appeal.

Works for me. At least, I have a better energy level. Every year about this time, my allergies get the best of me until I realize what it is. I sometimes think I am finally feeling my age – yikes!, I don’t want to do that.

Anyway, I am happily purging and cleaning my office and studio. I am shredding stuff and clearing my space of unneeded and unwanted crap. My studio and closet are next on the list.

I also got caught up with 3 x 3s.

Here are the other 3.

Sheila wondered if I am beginning to note repeated patterns, motifs, marks  and if it might tell you something about myself or my art. There are definite repetitions and repeats and I always find myself gravitating to dancing or crossing linear shapes. I sometimes have to stop myself and think of something different. Something that I am noticing and enjoying is how colors play with each other.

I was pleased and honored to have the Episcopal Church of the the Ascension in New York City ask to use my Pentecost Banner in their weekly e-mail newsletter. It was the first church built on Fifth Avenue in the city. I was given attribution with a link to my website. Here is the banner which I made for Church of the Incarnation in Santa Rosa.

2 Responses to “Getting My Mojo Back”

  1. Mojo = amulet? Intrigued by that since amulet was big discovery for me a few years ago–way to ward off evil spirits. Mostly want to say it’s great that your creativity has been recognized from afar.

  2. Sheila says:

    Thanks Gerrie. Without actually seeing them all lined up together, that would have been my guess. I know I’m aware of repeating the same marks or shapes which I often think of as me not having any imagination. But I also know that repetition often leads to a new thought about the mark or shape. As always, we cannot progress if we don’t do the work, and although the work may seem repetitious at times, that is indeed what leads us to new ideas. I agree that part of the fun of what you are doing with this exercise is in the colorplay.

    Congrats on your banner too. A nice bit of recognition.