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Catch-up Day

I spent most of today getting caught up on e-mails and SDA work. I still have some snail mail stuff to take care of, but I spent some time in my studio getting caught up on 3 x 3s.

This is one of my screen prints after I did the triple rinse and wash. The red turned more fuschia than I would prefer, but it has potential. Here is the other one:

There are a couple of small pieces of organza that I monoprinted by pressing them in the dye left on my print area. This is the larger piece of organza that I did.

I played with black dye in the syringe and also brushed some thickened dye on all these pieces.

Here is what they looked like before washing.

Here are some prints done by some of the other students.


This one has a nice leaf print.

Lots of beautiful prints and no two alike!! This piece shows what happens as you keep printing with the screen and the dye in some places releases and is used up in other places.

I prepared this large screen on the last day. I hope to have time to print it tomorrow.

Here are the 3 x 3s that I did today. I am caught up, again.

2 Responses to “Catch-up Day”

  1. Marlis says:

    These prints are gorgeous Gerrie! And I bet you had fun. It makes me want to head to the studio immediately and prep some screens … sadly I have too much other stuff on my plate at the moment.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Amazing results from your class. I find it magical how the screen releases the color little by little – fun! Your felted 3×3 is beautiful. Hope your day is sunny. (The weather has me so confused! LOL!)