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Winner # One

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Betty!! Who said:

I check your blog almost daily and it’s always interesting!
Congrats on your anniversary! I had to look up Josef Albers art and really enjoy it. I googled images and could see a lot of his work as fabric art. Your art quilt would be a very nice prize! Thanks for the giveaway.

So, Betty, let me know which of the goodies I have that you would like to have and your snail mail address. After I hear from Betty, I will select the second winner. This is fun!!

I finished sealing the edges of all my 3 x 3s.





I love how they look in their little piles.



After thinking when I walk, waking up at night pondering and cogitating for days, I have an idea of how I am going to place the squares for the wallhanging. Here is the layout so far.







And look at this! I am not crabby anymore. Every thing is covered with plastic.



Progress is being made on repairing the hole.



My last two drawings are very uninspired. I need to get a better pen, if I am going to draw with a pen instead of a pencil, which Terry Grant recommends on her drawing blog, Pen, Pencil, Paper – Draw!





2 Responses to “Winner # One”

  1. Betty says:

    Thanks so much, Gerrie! Of course I choose your art quilt! What a wonderful prize! Your 3×3’s are very eye catching and the finished project is definitely going to be great!
    So glad you are feeling better!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Congratulations Betty! Gerrie, your 3x3s look so happy together. I love how they work so well together. You could never have designed such an interesting piece of work. The serendipity of the design really shines.