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Artists Among Us 2013



It has been a really busy week, juggling all my obligations for the Artists Among Us Show and SDA and keeping things going at home. Tonight, we had a soft opening for the artists and volunteers. The show looks fantastic.

As promised, I got a photo of Undulations at the show. I am getting a lot of positive comments from the other artists — very gratifying. To finish the piece, I cut a piece of felt  18 x 18 inches, the size of a gallery frame that I had. I used some Misty fuse scraps to adhere it to the area of this piece that I wanted to cover the area of the frame. I used some Golden matte medium to adhere the square of felt to the canvas of the frame. I then wrapped the edges of the piece around the frame and stapled it. Looks great. Here is a detail:



Here is how my 4 pieces look at the show:


Turning the parish hall into an art gallery is quite a feat. Here it is in progress:



These are the racks we use for unframed bin art, waiting to be filled and set up around the room.



Our featured artist is a potter. His work is really wonderful. Here are 3 of the very large urns that he has on display.



At the artist/volunteer reception, my two co-chairs (Diane and Allan) and I received bouquets of flowers.



This year we added a room for art made by Young Artists Among Us. These are some awesome prints made by middle schoolers.





And, this photo of me with one of the artists is for Mary Beth in Wyoming!



Tomorrow night is our big gala opening reception. I hope to have more photos to share. I plan to have a nice calm day.

4 Responses to “Artists Among Us 2013”

  1. Sheila says:

    “Undulations” is quite the interesting piece. It looks a real departure from what you’ve been doing – a good one. That little bit of clustered beading is just right. It really speaks to me. I like the brightness of the top two pieces in your display, and the mounted felted pieces are a perfect transition to “Undulations” on the bottom. Well done!

  2. Marybeth says:

    ….that would be “there in spirit” Mb

  3. Marybeth says:

    The show looks fantastic! Undulations is so interesting and like Connie said it should be in the limelight! I appreciate the picture of you and my friend Carolyn Aichele (Lovell WY) because I am there is sprite!! Marybeth from Powell WY

  4. Connie Rose says:

    Your Undulations quilt is one of your very best pieces, among many very bests. Wish it weren’t being displayed so close to the floor…it deserves center stage. It’s really breathtaking!