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We are on the road, heading for San Francisco, spending the night in Yreka, CA. It was extremely hot in Southern Oregon and Northern CA. We are trying to get our motel room down to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

I was so bummed to find out that the Grants Pass Museum of Art closes at 4 pm – what?! We didn’t get there until 5:15 so I did not get to se the SAQA Sightlines exhibit. I think it closes this week so, I missed my opportunity. I had planned to blog about it.

So, I am just checking in. I brought my 3x3s and the beads so that I can continue stitching them together. I also am making progress on Paige’s sweater, after taking a hiatus.


We dropped Scooter of at the K-9 resort and he was so happy to see his friends there, human and canine. We believe that Scooter is the kind of dog who will be happy wherever he is!


I am watching Project Runway – I have the greatest husband – to let me watch this. He is doing some pretty good critiquing!

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