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Day 21

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Irene Latham winter solstice poem

Oops! I missed two days, but I have good excuses. First, I just had to say that I am always happy when the winter solstice rolls around. We even had some nice sunshine today.

I got a huge amount of SDA work to do on Saturday. We have many institutions, libraries, colleges, etc who have institution accounts with us through a subscription service. I was sent almost 100 of them on Saturday. Since we are coming up on the holidays and the end of the month, I had to get them done and it took all week-end long with some time off for riding the exercycle and walking with Scooter and Mr C. As I finished each one, I scribbled on it with a sharpie and threw it on the floor.


On Saturday, when we took our walk, it was pretty cold and I mentioned that I would like a hat to match the teal scarf Mr C gave me for my birthday. So we went to the store where he bought it and I cam home with this:


Today, we walked while it was still drizzling and stopped at the pet store and bought Scooter a raincoat. I think he looks quite dapper! And, he won’t be quite as wet after walking in the incessant rain that we have day after day after day.


I did manage to get some more quilting done on the lost edges piece. I hope to finish it tomorrow.


This and That

Friday, February 14th, 2014


After a few glitches, I finally have Paige’s quilt ready for sandwiching and quilting. Two more to go and I wonder if I can fit them in to my busy schedule. I know I am going to get slammed with moving household stuff at some time in the near future, whether we find a new place or end up renting for a while. I am scheduled to give a talk at the Oregon SAQA conference on my creative process or something like that. I know there are many in the group who would be as qualified as me to do this and so I am feeling a bit intimidated.

I am also taking the year long online Master Class with Elizabeth Barton. I skipped the first month for a couple of reasons. I was pretty busy with house stuff, and it was on value which I have done with her in another online class and in a workshop here in Portland.

This month’s assignment is to show movement in your work. Sketches were due on the 10th and we are to have it done in the cloth (no stitches) by the 20th. Here are my sketches — a difficult task for me, as I like to work in my head and then just start cutting and designing with fabric.

This one is flames. She suggested that the darker values should be in the front it it is flames, but it could be a plant. I tried inverting the values. I like that version better, I think.



Next was forest stream. I like this a lot because I do like to do simplified tree landscapes.


And this is the one she liked best and I love it too. I want to make it really large so getting it done by the 20th could be problematic. I would like to do it in silk with lots of black, setting off the colors.


So that is what we are up to. Now, I must get myself together to go out to a Valentine thing at Trinity with Mr. C. I haven’t posted a photo of our lovable Scooter so here he is to wish you a happy heart day!



Thursday, July 25th, 2013


We are on the road, heading for San Francisco, spending the night in Yreka, CA. It was extremely hot in Southern Oregon and Northern CA. We are trying to get our motel room down to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

I was so bummed to find out that the Grants Pass Museum of Art closes at 4 pm – what?! We didn’t get there until 5:15 so I did not get to se the SAQA Sightlines exhibit. I think it closes this week so, I missed my opportunity. I had planned to blog about it.

So, I am just checking in. I brought my 3x3s and the beads so that I can continue stitching them together. I also am making progress on Paige’s sweater, after taking a hiatus.


We dropped Scooter of at the K-9 resort and he was so happy to see his friends there, human and canine. We believe that Scooter is the kind of dog who will be happy wherever he is!


I am watching Project Runway – I have the greatest husband – to let me watch this. He is doing some pretty good critiquing!

Not Much Studio Time

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013



I am half way stitching these babies together – only took me six months.

This was probably our last really hot day, and I thought that I would get some dyeing done. However, my job with Surface Design Association took precedence. It is the beginning of the month so lots of state reps like to send their newsletters.

I did make it down tonight after dinner and started working on the sleeves for the Simply Red pieces. We have been asked to make the sleeve in two parts and leave a 3 – 4 inch section in the middle that is open. I will show you why in  a later post.



I got the sleeves stitched to Moonstruck.



Here is a photo of Scooter with my exercise ball. He loves to chase it when I roll it down the hallway.




And last, but not least, I love this beautiful Ginkgo tree that I see in the Rhodie Garden.



Tomorrow, my car is going in for major plastic surgery. It is taking 10 days so I will have a rental car. I have to get up early the car admitted and pick up my temporary wheels.

Left Brain, Right Brain Day

Monday, March 4th, 2013


I had to spend  the morning doing left brain work, and it was great to spend some time in my studio this afternoon. I made some more “parts” for my next quilt. I love the colors. Here are my scraps which will find their way into the piece, too.



I did 3 drawings this afternoon.

drawing 3-3-13


I tried to draw Scooter while he was chewing a raw hide. It is sort of cartoonish, but I think I will try more of these.




I drew my hand again. This one is better!!

drawing 3-4-13


We had a nice day today – a bit cold, but nice and sunny. Tomorrow is not going to be so nice, cold and rainy. That is March in Portland.