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This was our mantra when I was in college. We had TGIF parties, and it seemed as if we lived for the week-ends. Later, as a wife and mom, I looked forward to Fridays and week-end activities with the family. Then, when I went back to work, I looked forward to the week-ends to do what I wanted or to catch up on household activities. When we retired, Fridays no longer took on any kind or special significance.

So, I was amused this morning when Miles announced that Friday was his favorite day. I guess it is hard to be an almost 6 year old, trudging off to school all week long. I was thinking about all the reasons in his future that will make Fridays a great day for him.

I survived the morning routine and got them to school, a little early.

Mia, of course, has to do the silly pose for me.

After dropping them off, I realized that I had about 6 hours to get some work done, well maybe 4 after some computer time and an hour walking the dog. Last night, I started cutting the panels for the new curtains for our bedroom redo. So I worked on those today and almost finished before it was time to pick them up. Look at how nicely I matched the seams.

Miles brought his quilt with him and since I don’t have photos of it, I took some today. It looks pretty good for having been dragged around and slept with for 5 years. And look at how square and flat that baby is.

Here is a closeup. Each window had a fussy cut funny face in it. For some of the windows, I printed pictures of the family and Maggie. Those are quite faded now.

I had fun doing the machine quilting on this. It is called two way traffic because the quilted traffic is going in the opposite direction.

I hope you are having a good week-end with loved ones.

6 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Judy says:

    Gerrie, I’m glad you shared pics of Miles’ quilt….it is really cute! Love your new bedroom draperies. I need to make new ones for my sewing room and am really procrastinating. Please come and light some dynamite under me!


  2. Helen says:

    I LOVE that quilt!

    When my almost 4 year old was born, we were in a big church that had lots of wonderful fabric and fiber folks. He probably has a dozen hand-made baby blankets and quilts. We co-sleep so there’s a herd of us in one bed, and letting each person have his or her own baby quilt is a great way to have everyone keep their favorite sleeping temp without bothering others.

  3. Hedgehog says:

    It’s so great to see a quilt that’s been loved!! Was this based on a Kathy Sandbach pattern? I took a great class with her at Maine Quilts a couple years ago. Did you applique all those fussy-cut faces?

  4. terry grant says:

    We are having the same experience with all this babysitting–the weekend means something again! We always used to go out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate the end of the work week. Haven’t done that for quite awhile, until tonight–our good old TGIF dinner–marguerita and Mexican.

  5. That’s why we have kids when we are young. Grandmothers can spoil them and send them home after an exhausting time having fun.
    How nice that he still loves his quilt.

  6. Liz Berg says:

    Oh Gerrie, the joys of grandmotherhood! My daughter, whose second child will be arriving on Nov 27 (if not sooner) just told me that she and my son in law want to go to Hawaii in April for their 10th anniversary. A three year old and a six month old? Can I do it? Should I try? oh my, what a dilemma…come down and help me! We could play together but I am not sure when