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Grandma’s Rules…

or What Happens at Grandma’s Stays at Grandma’s.

  1. Make hot chocolate from scratch with the best cocoa and serve it with cereal (without milk) in the family room with the TV on.

2. Let your grandchildren play with your studio bling while you get in a half hour of sewing.

3. Instead of taking them to the library (as suggested by their mother), take them to the toy store and buy them some new toys.

4. Let them pick out whatever they want for lunch at the grocery store. Even if they don’t eat it, give them dessert.

5. Squirt whipped cream into their mouths and tell them to never, ever tell their mom!!!!

6. Allow them to plant tulips in your living room sofa — hold the water.

7. Have Grandpa get on the floor and color Hello Kitty with them.

8. Have a match box car rally on the kitchen island.

9. Give them hugs and kisses every hour on the hour.

10. Tell them you love them over and over.

19 Responses to “Grandma’s Rules…”

  1. Reva says:

    ScharffenBerger cocoa! Will you adopt me?

  2. Melanie says:

    This is lovely! It reminds me so much of my relationship with my niece. I love her to pieces. We make wild, big, outrageous, messy art together. She teaches me and I teach her, and we both have the best teachers. 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    You, and M&M are having too much fun! And where did you find the Scharffenberger cocoa? I had that at my sister-in-law’s, and she was rationing it out from her last trip to Europe.

  4. tallgirl says:

    Wow, are you a cool granny, Gerrie!!! Where were you when I was growing up?! :0)

    My grandmother had a tin of freshly baked cookies in the “cookie closet” which we made a beeline for the minute we finished our hugs. Aside from that she was full of rules, guilt and anger. But a good peanut butter cookie can camouflage mucho, to a kid!

    Also you are modeling to M & M how to be a great grandparent!

  5. Diane D. says:

    M&M are so lucky to have such an awesome grandma (and grandpa)! Sounds like all of you had fun.

  6. PaMdora says:

    You know, I’ve recently found out these rules apply to uncles and aunts, esp. if they don’t have any kids of their own. They have plenty of excuses for not knowing serious parenting principles! Great Post! Except now every kid who sees this will want you to adopt them!

  7. terry grant says:

    You are writing the “grandmothering” book here in your blog. I am your eager student!

  8. Judy says:

    What an absolute HOOT!!!! and how are you going to keep Steph from reading your blog???? LOL


  9. dee says:

    Yay! You graduated from the Auntie Mame school of Grandmothering! Those chidren are so lucky!

  10. Will you be my gramma?

  11. Karoda says:

    ummm, I think my grandson’s parents are playing the role of grandparent hehehehe…

  12. Helen says:

    Can I come and stay too?

  13. DebR says:

    You’re the best gramma ever! I hope M & M know that!!

  14. Dale Anne says:

    YES! That’s what being grandparents is all about……the spoiling!!!
    LOVE every minute!!!

  15. Kathie says:

    What fun. And how lucky you are to have them nearby.

  16. jenclair says:

    Dee-lightful! Love your rules, and I’m sure the kids do, too!

  17. Kristin L says:

    My rule of thumb has been that parents must be the ones to enforce the TV rules, the healthy-ish food, the proper behavior, etc. so that the grandparents (or even babysitters, and aunties, since they are all so seldom) can spoil the kids rotten. I think this is the grandparents’ reward for having been the “heavy” with their own children.

  18. Betty says:

    I love your ideas! What fun!

  19. Jeannie says:

    Oh what fun memories! Reminded me of staying at my Aunt Doris’. We made blackberry jelly that was like cement, stayed up late, and ate way too much junk food. You never forget sharing secret fun with an adult. Way to go!