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Day 7


This is a little piece that I did earlier. It is an homage to the grain elevators you see in eastern Oregon and Washington, surrounded by golden fields of grain. My favorite part of this piece are the little details that I added. I did lots of stitching with perle cotton.


Today, we braved the wild weather here in Portland. I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in Hillsboro. We started up Burnside Road which is near where we live and were met with this – rushing water and debris. Traffic was totally stopped in front of us. We quickly did a u-turn and went via another route. When we came home later, they had closed the access to Burnside from our area.


I found that I am definitely a candidate for knee joint replacement in my right leg. It was very interesting to go through my x-rays with him. The unfortunate thing is that there is a backlog of people waiting to get knee replacements so I have a 5 month wait. In the meantime, I got fitted for a brace which will hopefully relieve the bone on bone pain on the outside of my knee joint where I have the problem. I go to pick it up tomorrow. I hope it helps. It will surely add to my festive look for holiday events – not!

I feel so much better tonight just knowing that I am now on track for some relief.

One Response to “Day 7”

  1. Ruth Edwards says:

    Geri, My husband, Don, just had double knee replacement in May. I would like to suggest that you look at a knee replacement called Conformis. It is at http://www.conformis.com. The name comes from the fact that they custom make the knee for your body and it conforms to your alignment. No guessing as to what parts to use. They do an MRI of the hip to the toe and send the scan to Boston where they make the knee and send it back to the Dr in a sealed box. The only issue may be finding a Dr. that is trained in the procedure. Our Dr. happened to be one of the two in our Charlotte area that did it. It is very cutting edge technology. Worth reading and asking about it. Just thought I would share. Have a wonderful Christmas! Love, Ruthie