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Searching for Periwinkle Blue


I have been on a quest to get a periwinkle blue fabric. This is the closest I have gotten. At least the darker piece is close to what I have been wanting. I added the tiniest bit of fuchsia to blue dye.

I also squirted a melange of dye on some cheesecloth, just to see what I would get. And, I love it.


I am still feeling mopey and having good and bad days of pain. If I go to the studio and take a walk, it seems to be too much for my knee. I then have to spend the next day, doing as little as possible. I have gotten this much done on the sleeves for Paige’s Winnie the Pooh sweater.


I am going to work on doing a stitched collaged, using some of the demo fabrics I did for our printing class at Trinity. I want to give the students an idea of how to use their fabrics. Maybe I will have something to show tomorrow. I spent leap year day doing very little.


One Response to “Searching for Periwinkle Blue”

  1. Mary Helen in OR says:

    So glad to see the blue. I think you’ve GOT the perfect periwinkle. You are so brave to go to studio and take walks knowing it will hurt the next day. The stronger those muscles are before surgery the faster your recovery. I hope you know how amazing you are.