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Here I Am!!


Not sure if time is flying or time is dragging by, but anyway, I am in waiting mode for my new knee. I am trying to keep busy. My SDA job has been keeping me very busy. In the evening, I have been slow stitching and knitting. I am making progress on the piece for the SAQA auction. I am about half done with the front of the Winnie the Pooh sweater:


On Saturday, I went to my Oregon critique group in Eugene. Here are two of my quilts waiting to be discussed:


I have always felt that my Blue Picasso Woman needed something and she helped me realize what it is – she does not have enough space around her. I am thinking about cutting her up and redoing her as a more complicated Picassoesque piece:


Today, I spent the afternoon at the hospital getting poked and prodded to make sure I am fit for the surgery. Hopefully, I am. I have seen folks in worse shape than me come through it ok!!


One Response to “Here I Am!!”

  1. Mary Helen in OR says:

    So glad you are now in “pre-flight count down” mode for the new knee. I’m sure that you with Mr. C will be a great recovery team. Lots of hard work to get full mobility and some wraps that hold ice in place will be your friend. So glad you feel up to continuing to create. Picassoesque is wonderful.
    Mary Helen