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Slow Stitching Project

I just finished stitching this panel for the 25 Million Stitches project. Here is a link with the information. https://www.25millionstitches.com/ People from all over the globe are stitching panels, mine is 17 x 35 inches. The 25 million stitches are to commemorate the 35 million refugees around the world. The work done by many of the stitchers is exquisite. Some just cover a panel with seed stitches. I did some extemporaneous motifs and then did seed stitches around them, using up my odds and ends of embroidery thread.

2 Responses to “Slow Stitching Project”

  1. Gerrie says:

    You are welcome for the info. The twelve of us finished our collaborative work and are off to new things.It was fun while it lasted!

  2. Mayke Waddell says:

    Hi Gerrie

    Many thanks for the info, which I have shared with some ladies in my stitching/quilting group.

    Also, Your 12 x 12 project a few years ago was so wonderful and I always wonder if when and what your next project will be.