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Trying Times

Since I am 81 years old and have a history of respiratory problems, I am self-isolating and trying to keep my husband isolated, too. I have lots of projects. I ordered groceries online for the first time. I have signed up for BritBox so I have a lot of great British crime shows to watch. We were supposed to go to Denmark and Norway in May. We have canceled the trip because I doubt that we will be out of this by then.

One thing I have on my to-do list is my annual contribution to the SAQA benefit auction. I love sitting and slow stitching in the evening so I cut up some raw silk that was indigo dyed and am doing some stitching with a circle motif on each square.

I am still working on that bottom one.

This is the most recent torn paper collage. I look through the New York Times Sunday Magazine and see what piques my interest.

I found some vintage textiles on E-bay and bought a boxful so that I can do some more embroidery for the Tiny Pricks Project. More on that later.

So, stay six feet away, sneeze in your elbow and for goodness sake, WASH YOUR HANDS!!

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