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Studio Work

I wish I could show you how gorgeous the art cloth piece is after I dyed it in the strong orange. I accordion folded it lengthwise and then folded it again into a bundle and secured it with rubber bands.


I also threw the scarves in the orange dye bath. They look like this and are ready for some discharge, screen printing or soy wax batiking.


I mixed up some alginate thickener with thiox so that I could do some discharge testing on my small samples. I didn’t get the paste thick enough so I have to mix up another batch tomorrow. Here is my discharge test result. I think a bit of discharge on this piece will add some nice interest. With thicker paste, I can control it better.


I also won another length of Japanese fabric on E-bay. I got an even better price on this one. Pam asked what I will do with the fabric. I will cut some up to use in collaged quilts. Perhaps, I will use some to back those quilts. I might use some for a table runner for my dining room. I could make some gorgeous pillows. I have to see what the quality is once it arrives here from Japan.


It was a pretty nice day in Portland. Some rain drops and lots of long sun breaks.

2 Responses to “Studio Work”

  1. Diane D. says:

    Those scarves look delicious. I think the discharged result should be very interesting.

  2. Judy says:

    Oh, I am lusting after that Japanese fabric! It is so yummalicious!!

    Let Us know your proportions for the alginate and the thiox, please. No sense in all of us having to reinvent the wheel!

    Have fun in your studio! I can hear the demolition crew taking out the kitchen cabinets, and I am staying put here in the office! Oh, wait: I may need to run and get my camera for just one more photo op!