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Spending the day with good friends

I have four great quilting friends ?����� we call ourselves the Fab Five. Yesterday four of us travelled to San Jose to see the Quilt National “03 exhibit at the San Jose Qult Museum. Diane, our youngest member always drives – she has a car that can comfortably seat us if we put our smallest member – Pat – in the “Way Back”. Yesterday, Rita didn’t go (and we missed her very wty sense of humor) so Pat got to sit with the grown-ups which includes Janet, our most senior member – she is 80 and been around more than one quilting block!! Usually we run into several people who know her.

The Quilt National Exhibit was very interesting. This show is very cutting edge quilting. It is held every two years and it is extremely difficult to be juried in. Janet had a quilt in the show way back in the beginning years so she is our celebrity member.

We visited a couple of quilt shops and Thai Silks in Los Altos. I purchased some great fabrics and lots of green silk for a long and narrow quilt banner I am designing for the green season for Church of the Incarnation. This will also be in the Straight and Narrow Challenge on the Quilt Art List.

I found this lovely Japanese fabric and bought a yard for my daughter, Stephanie because it was screaming her name.

Spending time with friends who share your passion is the best!

3 Responses to “Spending the day with good friends”

  1. lizzieb says:

    Hey Gerrie…traveling with good friends is so much fun! There are four of us who make up the “Best Buddies” or BB’s for short…we even have our own Roadies that travel with us and get documented along the way (they happen to be Beannie Babies) but it is really fun to see them under their umbrellas sipping margueritas!

  2. Well…I think you are mistaken. That fabric was definately calling MY name!! Wish we had someplace near here to get great silks.

    Love the bird. Reminds me of the birds Cathy Zanoni used to do (Hawthorn Needles & Butterfly Wings). Now she sells kits (Art-in-a-Bag) to make them. I never have gotten around to buying them even tho a vendor at QSDS had them last year. But they sure are neat as is Stephanie’s bird.

    Gerrie- wish you were closer. Your Fearsome Fivesome sounds great.


  3. stephanie says:

    That fabric is definitely “me”! Leaves AND my favorite colors. I can’t wait to come up with a proper use for it.

    Sounds like a great day. You’re making me wish I had some crafty friends. I do have Lisa coming for the weekend though!