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The Visitor from Down Under

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


Brenda Gael Smith, one of our Twelves from Australia, was here in Portland for a quick visit with Terry Grant and I. Terry picked her up at the train station. She had been in Seattle visiting friends. We all met up at a fun restaurant and had dinner. This morning, Terry brought Brenda over to my house. We spent the morning looking at quilts and just talking about the Twelve project. We are going to show the 20×12 quilts here in Portland at Quilt Expo in September.

We then went in search of a food truck pod so that Brenda could have that quintessential Portland experience. After enjoying some Mexican fare, we went off to Powell’s book store, another necessary experience. The photo up there of the three of us  was taken there in front of one copy of our book that we found on the shelf. I snapped this photo of myself with the book.



Next, we stopped in at Josephine’s Dry Goods, a wonderful, upscale fabric store. No money spent there. Around the corner is The Playful Needle, a great place to pick up embroidery type thread for hand stitching.



I did spend money here.



And these that I think will work with my current project.



Here is a detail of the stitching I have done so far.


Terry dropped me off at Whole Foods where Mr C met me and she took Brenda to the train station for the next leg of her journey, visiting friends in the Tri=cities area of Washington before she flies home at the end of the week.

It was a lovely day and a nice day away from the computer and my current work load.

Tomorrow, I am heading over to Terry’s house for lunch with our friend, Del Thomas, who is passing through town on her way home from a workshop on Whidby Island. She is bringing some new art quilt acquisitions to show us.



Retreat Day Two

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Just a quick check in from our retreat from reality. Today, we drove into Sisters for lunch and some retail therapy. I found a store with wonderful hand-dyed roving and silk hankies (essential silk roving).

Can’t wait to play with this.

We also went to the famous Stitchin’ Post quilt shop owned by Jean Wells.

I purchased some half price ugly fabrics for quilt  backs. Something I love to do.

I also saw more lovely Aspen groves.

I am inspired to make more Aspen quilts even though Terry tells me they are as cliche as heron quilts.

You can see all of my photos on my Flickr set – Click Here.

Kimono III, Ready to Quilt

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

I was quite put off by this, but with the encouragement of my readers I kept at it and I am liking it now. Here is  detail:

If I feel better, I will quilt it tomorrow. I am auditioning thread.

This book was just released. I received my copy today. These are quilts inspired by Obama.

The group quilt done by the Fiber Artists for Obama is in the book.

Here is a detail showing my block which has 4 screen prints of Obama (second down on the right). The quilts are currently traveling around to various venues.

I am lumbering through the day coping with whatever it is that is ailing me. I am hoping it is a virus that will leave soon. I am going to go to bed early again.

Pardon the Pause

Monday, June 8th, 2009


First, a Scooter update. He is a growing boy. Loves to annoy Maggie. Is housebroken as long as we get him outside several times a day. He is still calm and loving. His favorite spot is down in my studio and he also likes romping with the big dogs on the Reed College lawn. I am going to take him to the groomer’s this week for a summer hair cut. Mr C does not want him to look like a poodle!!

I think I have finally recovered from the conference frenzy. I was quite ill over the week-end. Every joint in my body ached and I could barely get out of bed. Today, I feel great. Lots of sleep seemed to be the cure.

Since I haven’t done any thing creative of my own, I want to share lovely, handmade gifts with you.

First, is this beautiful piece by Sue Reno, which she gave me when she was here for a visit last month. I have always been a fan of her work. It is titled, Plume Poppy #32.


Today, I received a package from Belgium. In it, was this lovely piece of art from fellow Twelve X 12 artist, Francoise Jamart. The message on the card said, “From a new Grandma to a seasoned Grandma.” She has a beautiful new granddaughter. She also sent me some wonderful fabric. Thank you, Francoise!!



I also took some photos of some purchases I made in KC. I bought this great lime green shibori kimono jacket and an apron in red (no photo of the apron).


I also purchased some Ink Aid from Kathyanne White who taught a class on printing on uncommon surfaces. I want to compare it to Golden’s Digital Ground.


I have one more report to write and my expense account to assemble and then I am done, done, done. The conference was an incredible experience. As Judy said to me one day, every one here understands what I do and they value it. Well, she didn’t use those exact words, but you know what I mean. The other thing I loved is the cutting edge techniques and art that was part of this conference. My mind is still reeling. I want to get back to work in the studio!!

A Mellow Monday

Monday, July 7th, 2008

This is a hydrangea that I planted on my studio patio last year. It has just bloomed. I love the lacy blossoms.

I spent some time designing my quilt for the next 12 X 12 challenge — illumination. I am having fun with my idea, but I can’t share anything yet.

I painted some of the fabric that I printed last week — the brown circles. I used a limey green Setacolor. I am going to use this for the SAQA 12 inch auction donation.

I also played with some options for the construction piece that I have been redoing. I am auditioning some design elements, and they may get the parts!!

Today a big truck rolled up with all the fixtures for our bathroom — two sinks with chrome stands, the shower fixture with the rain shower head, and the swanky La Cava shower base. Everything is sitting in the garage. There will apparently be a frenzy of activity tomorrow.

I think summer is here to stay. It was a mellow day today. I did a big edit for the SDA auction pages. I also spent some time ordering supplies from Prochem and Thai Silk.