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Wednesday Potpourri

I honestly don’t know where the day goes. I always have a plan to accomplish way more than  I  do.  Wednesday  is WW day and that takes a chunk of the morning. I was down a bit, but I have basically been bouncing around the same weight for weeks and I am frankly beginning to feel fat again!! My plantar fasciitis has gotten a lot better so I have added back the afternoon walk. I found a set of great over the counter orthotics that made it better almost instantly. My sister told me that she uses a night splint when hers acts up, so I have ordered one just for the heck of it.

After lunch I spent over 2 hours getting new color and a trim for my hair. I love the color and the haircut. I told Kevin that he is a keeper! Here is a sneak peek:

I spent a little time in the studio. I used my new “crayons” to do some highlighting on one of my quilts per a suggestion from my crit group.

One of my ideas for the water challenge for 12 X 12 is to do a rainy day in Portland with a rainbow caused by the ubiquitous sunbreaks. Here is a peek at photo that I printed on fabric:

In Photoshop, I manipulated the photo to make it lighter and amorphous and printed it on organza. Here it is over the other photo. What I am attempting is a look and feel of a very damp and drizzly day.

I am thinking of cutting the organza in strips and have some of the other photo show through.

Here is our beautiful cherry tree in blossom, from the deck:

Yeah!! Tomorrow is STASH. Can’t wait to spend some time with my friends. I am feeling the need of some good laughs.

Speaking of which, I love the Pickles comic strip and have really related to the theme this week: the wife is grumpy. You can see the strip here. This is especially for Dee!

5 Responses to “Wednesday Potpourri”

  1. Sheila says:

    I am addicted to crayons and loved the look of yours so I googled NEOCOLORS, what is special about them as the cost is mind boggling,,,,lol.
    I love what you did with your pic as well.

    Have a awe*inspiring day,

  2. Linda Smith says:

    Hi there. I love my croc’s and when you mentioned the other day that you couldn’t wear them anymore because of foot problems, I just had to comment. I was recently looking at the croc’s website and noticed that they have some styles for medical conditions. Look here: http://shop.crocs.com/pc-46-4-relief.aspx?reqid=46&reqProdTypeId=411p&subsectionname=footwear&section=products

  3. Judy says:

    Love your rainbow pics and your hair! I used to wear my hair short like yours and just loved it! So easy! I am thinking of going red.


  4. dee says:

    Thank God for friends who can make us laugh. Glad to hear the foot is getting better. Love that hair color and the cut is gorgeous. Isn’t it great to find a good hair person?

  5. Kristin L says:

    I like where you’re going on your 12 x 12 piece. Strips sounds good and rainy!