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Playing, Purging and Publishing

I am checking in with nothing quilty or creative to share. I have become addicted to Sudoku. I have a book of puzzles that I play while I make dinner, and I discovered an online sight here. I have always loved crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. It is in my genes – my mom also shared this addiction. I have heard that playing puzzle games improves your memory and can ward of aging of the brain so I have a good excuse.

Yesterday I made a grand list of things I need to do before the Realtor comes on the  15th. I call it "Operation Clean Sweep". It was very helpful to put in to perspective what I have to accomplish. I am trying to cross at least one thing off each day. Yesterday, I crossed out 3 things: undecorating the tree, putting away the Christmas stuff and purging and cleaning the storage closet under the stairs where all of this stuff is stored. It is also our wine closet and Maggie’s bedroom. We keep her crate in there where she sleeps at night. I suppose the Realtor and stager will want us to move that!! Today, I cleaned and purged the linen closet in the upstairs hall. You would not believe the amount of stuff I had in there!! Blankets we no longer need are going to the homeless shelter. Some crafty stuff is going to Legacy, a used craft store in Sebastopol that earns money for good causes. The rest of the stuff will go to the guild silent auction table. I will have lots of stuff by the time I am done. The silent auction table supports our library. I also have linens and duvet covers that I will never use again and they are going to The Good Will.

I am no longer doing the guild newsletter, but I have one more issue to do for my church. It has been a drudge because of the time of year. No one had time to do their articles until this week. The Associate Rector, Pat, went off to Egypt without doing her articles. She was responsible for four stories. So they are just not gonna be in this issue. Where her letter to the parish would appear, I put "MIA – perhaps lost in King Tut’s Tomb!" I will finish formatting it tomorrow. Yippee yay!

The recent photos on blogs from the eighties with big hair sent me looking for a photo. Here we are. As I told DebR, I never had enough hair to have big hair. My son was the only one with big hair – good thing he doesn’t read my blog – I’d be in trouble. Ya gotta love the prepster look I have going on. Lisa is on the left and Steph is on the right.


5 Responses to “Playing, Purging and Publishing”

  1. Debra says:

    Great photo, Gerrie… which one is you?? If the stager wants you to move the cage, where will they suggest Maggie sleep/stay during the sales process? I say leave her home where she’s used to it.

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for sharing the family photo. So neat to see you in one daughter and your husband in the other….

    Stager – that is a new concept. (My hair & make-up lady had one go through her place, too…) I guess you place needs to “look right” so that people will buy it….

  3. DebR says:

    You all look pretty! Looks like your girls were going for the assymetrical (sp?) look instead of the Big Hair look – both very ’80’s. And I remember how popular those blouses with the ties were!

    Great pic, Gerrie. 🙂

  4. Mary Manahan says:

    Hey Gerrie,

    I, too, am currently addicted to an online game…Literati. It is sucking up way too much time and I have to stop.

    What a great photo of you and your family…your son looks the most like you, I think.

  5. Eighties Family for sure! It’s a good thing my old photo albums are in storage back in Arizona as I am feeling the urge to join in on the I-survived-the-eighties bandwagon. I too had a horizontal striped boatneck T like Stephanie’s (which I wore with a poufy jersey mini skirt), big asymetrical bangs (tho more “claw” or Flock of Seagulls wave than Lisa’s curls), and my senior picture has me in a preppy white shirt like yours but with a madras plaid bow! I’m not even mentioning the cropped denim jacket with lace and shoulder pads or the black and white cow hide cowboy boots and acid wash jeans. Have I gone too far? Did I mention I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and went to the same high school as the subject of Moon Unit Zappa’s “Valley Girl” song? Ohmygo-od! Oh yeah, so glad those days are over.