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Free-Motion Contour Stitching/ Color & Composition Exercise 3

Let me first say that I am having post-holiday blahs. Everything seems to require more energy than I have! And I have a lot to do so I need to get my pizazz back. This is about all that I accomplished today. The first pic illustrates using the sewing machine as a pencil and drawing on the right side of the brain.


This is the same still life from yesterday with the shadows in a different orientation. You are not allowed to draw on the fabric – just start stitching and draw the design with needle and thread. It was fun.

The optional exercise was to take yesterday’s contour cut still life and free motion stitch to add more complexity. Here is mine:


It gives much more definition to the design. I used a variegated thread so that I didn’t have to stop and start and let the left brain get back in control again.

I lied about what I accomplished today! I also got in a couple of hours of work on the SDA website. I’m off to bed for a good night’s sleep.

3 Responses to “Free-Motion Contour Stitching/ Color & Composition Exercise 3”

  1. Karoda says:

    I’m hoping I can get my butt in gear tomorrow or even later on tonight…these are pretty neat Gerrie!

  2. Mary Manahan says:

    Nice work, Gerrie!

  3. DebR says:

    I think these are very cool. I’ve always loved that contour-y style of drawing, whether it’s done with pencil and paper or fabric and thread.

    Hope you feel un-blah-ed soon!