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Isn’t That Cheating

This morning Steve and I were out for a walk and this conversation happened:

Steve: I see that you have cut squares of fabric and “glued them down”.

Me: It is called fusing.

Steve: Isn’t that cheating?

Me: What do you mean?

Steve: Well, you are not sewing them together.

Me: This is more painterly. If I sewed them, they would all be the same size and it would look like a quilt. This is why I prefer to call myself a fiber artist and not a quilt artist. Sue Benner says that now that she has had fused quilts in Quilt National at least two times, it must be ok to fuse a quilt.

Steve: Are you going to do any stitching on it?

Me: Of course, I will stitch around the edges to make sure they are secure and do some decorative stitching on the crosses.

Steve: OK

End of the conversation with the nuclear physicist whom I love anyway.

Here is the banner – all fused and stitched around the squares. Just have to stitch the crosses and zigzag the edges. Whew! I might make the deadline. I put it on the floor and stood on a chair in the hallway so the lighting is not very good.

4 Responses to “Isn’t That Cheating”

  1. mom,
    that is gorgeous. you never cease to amaze me. your hard work and never ending creative energy is an inspiration,

  2. Deborah says:

    Stunning. What a treasure for your church! Liturgical art could be very lucrative for you — if they spirit moved you.

  3. Oh Gerrie, It GLOWS!!!!! As for fusing being cheating….between Melody and Sue Benner I think it is VERY acceptible to fuse. Especially when you have so many ideas flying around in your brain that fusing is the only way to get even a small fraction of them done!!!

    teri…in SW Michigan where the sun is out, youngest son is at BASEBALL, Michigan State beat Duke!!! ANd I am headed back to my messy, creative, studio!!!

  4. Mrs. Mel says:

    Dearest Cheater,
    How Super Fantastic and brilliant you are for making the beautiful silk banner, especially in the same month as your many travails. I am delighted by your defense of fusing and might add that in 1995 my quilt, Hot Fun (totally fused and raw edged) won Best Wall Quilt at the very conservative American Quilter’s Society show and has since been part of the museum’s collection. I believe that was the original big OK TO FUSE moment.