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Achromatic Focal Point Composition Redux

I was not happy with my black and white print composition so I did some changes in fabrics in the lower right corner. Here it is now:


I think this works a little better.

I wasn’t going to do it, but I did. Today was the deadline for sending in jpegs and prints of journal quilts for consideration for the journal quilt book that Karey Bresenhan is doing. For the non-quiltart readers, this is a project which is now in its fourth year, in which participants make a quilt the size of a page – one per month (through September). They were then shown at the International Quilt Festival in Houston at the end of October. I only participated in 2003 and 2004. I rephotographed each of them with the tripod. As I was working on them, I was trying to decide which was my favorite. In 2003, I think I liked the one I did from a photograph of a rainbow eucalyptus taken in Hawaii:


In 2004, I used the same image in all of my journals – a Sycamore leaf that I scanned and photocopied. In this one, I printed the leaf on silk and fussy cut it. I then layered it between silk organza with some tulle in the center to stabilize it. I then couched the decorative yarns.


I got some Art Quilt Tahoe pics from Sue Benner today with a note saying she would like some good digitals of my finished work. Guess I better get busy and get the machine quilting done. It will have to wait until we get back from Portland. Today we spent a lot of time looking at houses online that our Realtor, Cynthia sent us. I had my blog address on my e-mail to her and so she checked out my blog. Guess what, she majored in Clothing & Textiles and related Arts at Oregon State. What a small world. I just know that we are going to get along great!!


4 Responses to “Achromatic Focal Point Composition Redux”

  1. DebR says:

    The B/W print exercise definitely looks better this time around…much more clearly defined.

    Good journal quilt pics! I participated two years too but decided not to mess with submitting to the book. I’ll probably be sorry when it comes out and I didn’t have a shot at being in it, but all my most-favorite journal quilts have been sold or traded and my pics of them weren’t professional quality so I’d have had to ask to borrow them back, etc….ended up deciding I couldn’t be bothered. Oh well.

  2. The achromatic exercise is much improved! When do we move on to the next one?

    Journal quilts sound like fun, and you’re pages are lovely. I’ve been making blocks over the years to represent each place we’ve traveled to. Now that we are officially on the third extension of our tour here in Germany, I guess the finished product will be a tryptich. It’s getting quite big!

  3. Mary Manahan says:

    Gorgeous journal quilts, Gerrie. You sound like you’re really getting excited about Oregon! Everyone I’ve talked to who has been or lives there raves about it. And you are working right up to the move, I guess?

  4. PaMdora says:

    Love the black and white! I have lots of b&w fabrics that I’ve never used. I guess I’m just saving them for the right day.