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Fun in the Studio

Today, I printed and squiggled on fabric as I tried to come up with some accent fabrics for the SAQA auction quilt.

I used some bubble wrap and a vinyl gripper for printing metallic dots.

I also added some black squiggles with a syringe. I did a round sponge stamp in metallic paint on the background fabric.

This was my first not so successful design. The white on the organza was not working for me.

I then used some brass Dyna-flow paint on the organza fabric. I liked this much better. I also decided I had too much orange. (I am trying not to be too tasteful!!!) I have circles and X’s – hugs and kisses. I have been thinking of naming this Summer Love. What do you think? I also thought about Circle Play.

I am stitching the organza with a variegated Perle cotton that is just the perfect color.

I also pulled some luminous hand-dyed silk for my illumination challenge.

I have the pieces drawn for the main design. I have not found the right background fabric — I might have to make a trip to Fabric Depot, but I don’t know when. Tomorrow, I start my screen printing class. I hope my surge of energy stays with me so that I can get some work done in the evening. My studio is in the basement and is nice and cool.

3 Responses to “Fun in the Studio”

  1. Judy says:

    The fabric on the right side in the last photo is to die for!!! Oh My!!!


  2. Karoda says:

    If this area had the available classes in textiles to the extent of the west coast on such a frequent basis I would just about loose my mind with excitement! have fun and as always looking forward to reading about your adventures in this workshop.

  3. Sandy says:

    Hi Gerrie,
    I think it could do with something from the cool side of the colour wheelso that the orage could stand out more. Not boring, but something that works as a complementary colour…maybe small bits of bright blue or bluish purple. As it stands, it has a lot of colours that are related with the yellow, orange and beige/ brown. If you like it being on that side of the colour wheel, perhaps a bit of spring green will bring it just that bit more around and add a bit of zing. what do you think?

    It also seems a bit busy. I think it could do with some pieces that don’t have printing, or some sort of quiet places to stop and consider. the background on the one with yellow x’s is better at being staying in the background, rather than fighting with the pieces on top, but I think the orange x’s would help to make more of a statement.

    By the way, I think you are brave to ask for advice on pieces. I like the way you boldly do what you feel is right on most of your work; but when you recognise something isn’t quite right, it is really brave to ask the teeming millions who don’t really know what you had in mind when you did it!!

    Perhaps if you put it somewhere so you see it when you come into a room as you go about the house, you can get a better idea about what works and what you might want to change.

    have fun!
    Sandy in the UK