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Where Have I Been?

In my little black hole – a space I periodically crawl in to and have a pity party for myself. Why? I never know why for sure – sometimes it just happens. I’m probably coming down form the high of buying and selling houses and now dealing with the trivial stuff like disclosures and inspections.

I am also feeling irrelevant in Santa Rosa. I went to the vestry retreat and was sent home because we have moved up our departure date and I am no longer needed! I have been working with the amazing Gloria Hansen to develop a new website for the guild – something that I wanted to leave them when I left as I am the one that helped create the current site which is a dinosaur. Sunday, I was sent and e-mail telling me that I was no longer to work with Gloria because someone else would be taking over. Hey, people, I haven’t left yet!! I’m not even sure when I am leaving.

Then, there is the commission sample which I am struggling to finish. Here it is fused with some quilting started. I have decided that I must do it as one large piece as batting can stretch and cause problems. You can probably see that the yellow sections are not lining up properly. I can not take this chance with a large piece. I will just find a way to quilt it.


This is for DebR who thinks she is the only one with a messy studio:


Now, for the reasons to feel better than I do.

  1. We have been having  spectacular sunny warm weather.
  2. Sunday was the one year anniversary of my third breast cancer diagnosis and I believe that I am cancer free!!!!
  3. We had a wonderful time Sunday afternoon attending the Tribute to the Rat Pack in SF and dinner with Lisa later at Delfina. It is always a treat to be in Lisa’s space – she lives a totally creative life!!
  4. We will soon be 3 miles from these two wonderful children:


12 Responses to “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Del says:

    Gerrie – That old black beast sneaks up sometimes when we least expect it – periods of transition always make us more vulnerable. Just hang onto the thought that you will have those cute grandkids nearby in Portland and East Moreland has to be one of the loveliest neighbors in town.
    I thought I might send you an image of what messy workspace really looks like, but just taking the picture is too depressing! Del

  2. dee says:

    First, congrats on being “free”. What better reason to celebrate? Regarding the job, I am always amazed at how easily one can be replaced.Very hurtful. The answer for me was to take, and excell at, a job that NO BODY wanted. The downside-I’ll never be able to find another sucker so I’ll be running this charity until they carry me out on a stretcher.I don’t deal well with change-good or bad- so I get how you may be feeling. Chin-up honey, you could be a friend of our “dangerous at any speed” Vice Pres. Dee

  3. Terry Grant says:

    Moving always sends me into a funk–even if its a good move. It is just dealing with money and stuff and goodbyes and readjustments and the unknown. Hope it passes soon. Your Santa Rosa friends probably think they are doing you a favor and making your move easier by relieving you of some responsibilities. Sometimes the best of intentions have unexpected consequences…

    And your commission piece is marvelous and I am never going to let you see the disaster I call my studio!

  4. Karoda says:

    I’m hoping your funk passes soon.

    Congratulations on being cancer free and 84,000 blessings that you remain so 🙂

  5. Sharon R says:

    Okay, girlfriend, you wanna see messy? Go to http://www.sharonrexroad.com/Mess/Mess.html That’s my old studio in Missouri, but the Illinois version is currently worse!

    Have you considered the Debra Wagner method of batting a complete quilt top in three sections for purposes of quilting a large piece? Layer the whole quilt top and quilt back, but with only the middle third of the batting to begin with; quilt to within maybe 6″ of the batting edges. Once the center part is quilted, add one side batting piece; quilt to that edge, then finally, add the last third of the batting and finish quilting. If I remember, she cuts the batting into thirds with wavy lines so the “join” doesn’t show or create a line.

    And your 3 years cancer free status? An inspiration!

  6. *hugs* sometimes the Black Dog just grabs us… and it’s so hard when you have to move from where you are to where you will be next… that awful inbetweeny time. Yuk.

    OTOH, 3 years! And that commission piece SPARKLES!!!

  7. Judy says:

    I must agree with all of the above and add a couple of things…you ain’t seen messy till you’ve seen my studio! When mine is cleaned up it looks like your’s messy!! LOL
    It’s too bad that your friends in Santa Rosa are relieveing you of your duties before you are ready…I think they are trying to separate from you too, and that is painful for both parties. Moving is such a stressful thing and you have been going such great guns with this move that it is almost natural to get into the black hole for a bit and regroup.
    Your commission quilt is fabulous. Linda has a great point about making it three narrower ones. I can see that!
    Congrats on your anniversary…those are so special.
    Keep it up, we all love you!

  8. Jen Anderson says:

    Congrats on three years cancer free! That is joyful news.
    It is only natural to feel a little let down after you have played such a big role there. I agree with what has been said, transitions are hard! It’s hard to be betwixt and between.
    Your Santa Rosa friends still love you, even if they have relieved you of your former responsibilities! Jen

  9. Linda Cline says:

    That’s messy??? I guess we all have our own definitions of certain words.

    I know that you are planning to make your commission quilt as one piece, but have you considered finishing them as three separate pieces? It would solve the “how do I quilt such a big quilt” problem. If they ended up slightly different sizes, they could be trimmed. And any minor differences in where the squares didn’t line up wouldn’t ever be noticed if there was a couple inches between and viewed from a distance. I didn’t know you were planning to make one large piece when I saw the previous posts, and I liked how it looked as three separate panels (and I like it as one large piece also).

  10. Mary’s right. Sometimes you just have to have a pity party to have something to contrast with the really good times. Otherwise, how would you know they were so good? Speaking of good, your commision piece is coming along wonderfully. (And now that you don’t have all these other distractions, you can concentrate on it, right?) And if that’s a messy studio, I’m Mel Gibson! The only time we ever get to see the bed, or any horizontal surface, in my sewing/guest room is when we have guests stay over!

  11. DebR says:

    That sucks that they took the website task away from you before you were ready to leave it.

    I like how the commission piece is going.

    I don’t think I’m the *only* one with a messy studio. I just think I’m a darn good (bad!) example of the breed. 😉

    YAY on the cancer-free anniversary!!!!!!

    Love the grandkids’ pic.

  12. Mary Manahan says:

    Hi Gerrie,

    Transitions are difficult. And it is hard not to take it personally when someone takes a project away from you.

    Your commission piece is gorgeous!

    I’m sitting here with this batik fabric wondering what I’m going to do with it, and why am I even thinking of doing anything with it. Didn’t get into Visions…not that that’s a surprise, I know I’m in good company. But sometimes you just have to forget it all and go for a walk in the park. Then I’m going to find a good book.

    And then, there’s always chocolate…