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What a difference a day makes!

Thanks to all my blogging friends for being so supportive. I really appreciate it!! A couple of things have happened to brighten my day.

We have been in ongoing negotiations with the sellers of our Portland house because the inspection showed that the furnace is not big enough to heat the house. We had a HVAC person test it. Our Realtor Cynthia turned the thermostat up to 74 yesterday morning, 6 hours later, the temperature was 60?Ǭ?! They kept claiming there was nothing wrong. We wanted an allowance to add another furnace in the attic to heat the main floor and to blow in some insulation. We were ready to walk (not really). Last night, they finally signed the addendum and the house will be ours, March 1. So that is off my worry list.

I also talked to the president of the guild and she said that she had nothing to do with my dismissal from the website design team. She had been away from her computer and knew nothing of the e-mails, which had been copied to her. This was part of my angst – that she did not contact me at all. I finally called her because I wanted to know why this had happened. It was the work of one person who for some reason wanted me out of the equation. I am ok with that, knowing that it was not a board decision. I have to let my ego take a nap once in awhile!!

And, I have completed the commission prototype. For the client, I have fused silk squares in the color run close to what I plan to use.

Prototypefinal            Prototypesilkrun

I did not satin stitch the crosses because they are small and it would take too long for a sample. I have always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to simulate a large cross in the yellow section. I’m not sure how I will do this in the final piece, but for this, I cut a fused one. I have the quilting lines radiating out from the cross and I think it gives the piece a focal point and the quilting adds some drama. You have to imagine this 7 1/2 feet square. I think it will be striking.

So, I am off to get things in the mail. I have two quilts with photo images that I want to enter in the Art Quilt Images show in North Carolina. And  I need to send a photo of the commission sample and the fabric samples to Alabama.

7 Responses to “What a difference a day makes!”

  1. PaMdora says:

    Glad to read the house negotiations are working out! Your commission piece and the fish are coming along beautifully, or should I say swimmingly! Congrats too on the cancer-free anniversary, that’s so fantastic!

  2. Sorry I am so late to the party but I wanted to add my joyous enthrallment with this altar piece. Just fantastic! Praise the Lord they chose you to make this.

  3. Jen Anderson says:

    This quilt is SO beautiful, and I got chills seeing JUST how PERFECT it will be for its designated home. You were meant to make it:) Jen

  4. jenclair says:

    Stunning. Just. Stunning. And this is the prototype? What an absolutely joyful depiction of “the” religious icon!

  5. Your prototype looks superfantastic and it will look even more fabulous when it is HUGE and against the red wall! What a lucky church to have found you, and lucky you to have such an appreciative client.

  6. Sharon R says:

    Love the yellow cross — subtle & sophisticated at the same time.

    And so glad there’s some lightness back in your life — you deservee it!

    And ain’t guilds grand? The politics always amaze me. I’m glad, though, the new president is showing you the respect you deserve.

    Hugs from Chicago!

  7. patricia says:

    geez — i’ve missed a lot! i’d say girlie, be glad you were relieved of the guild and vestry commitments (granted a little more communication might have eased it a bit)…moving’s stressful enough and besides you need some time to celebrate a year cancer-free! i am so happy for you. and glad you still have time to rant…