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Four-Four Years Ago…

My parents — Jake and Rachel — are on the left. Mr C’s — Ruth and Paul — are on the right. I was struck by how much I look like my father in this photo. Thankfully, I didn’t get his ears. Mr C is still the spitting image of his Mom.

I wasted a lot of time this morning looking for our wedding album to scan a photo. I cannot find it anywhere. I finally found this one in a frame down here in the basement. It was quite faded, but Photoshop does wonders.

Tonight we will go out to dinner with M & M, who are spending the week-end with us. We will officially celebrate in Chicago next Thursday. We are going to spend an afternoon and evening there and then head to Ft. Wayne, IN for Mr C’s 50th high school reunion.

On the studio front, I am working on the next 12 X 12 challenge, shelter. Since I am doing something more realistic, rather than abstract, it requires some Photoshop and design work. I just want to start cutting fabric!!

12 Responses to “Four-Four Years Ago…”

  1. kathy says:

    Cute picture of both of you. Congrats on your anniversary.

  2. Reva says:

    Congratulations! I can see the family resemblances, all right, as well as the now-you and now-Steve in that impossibly young bridal couple. Aren’t you glad we don’t see wallpaper like that much anymore? Talk about surface design!

  3. Judy says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!
    What a great picture! I am struck by the resemblance of Lisa to you and Steph to her Dad! (I haven’t seen enough pics of Mark to really say).
    I recall the wonderful story you told me about Steve’s Mom encouraging you two to get married. She must have been one heck of a lady!!


  4. What a sweet picture. Love the pillbox hat. Mr. C. was and is a handsome guy.

  5. Jen Anderson says:

    Happy Anniversary!! We just celebrated our 32nd just last month. I couldn’t find my wedding album either, so I didn’t blog about it. Probably it’s still packed somewhere from our last wildfire evacuation.
    I have been so happy to see your art come together. I predict you will make Quilt National yet. Jen

  6. Natalya says:

    happy anniversary!!!

  7. dee says:

    Happy Anniversary! Your trip sounds wonderful. Those reunions are an eye opener at this age. I just can’t believe how old some people got(har)

  8. Kathie says:

    What a happy picture! Congratulations, and enjoy your visit to the Midwest.

  9. terry grant says:

    You look mighty pleased in that picture! So cute–the both of you. Steve sure does look like his Mom.

  10. Brenda says:

    What a classic photo with your pill box hat/veil, the ornate wallpaper and are those carnations?

  11. Jeannie says:

    Congratulations! I hope you both had a wonderful celebration with M&M. Cheers.

  12. Hi Gerrie,

    Congratulations for you and Mr.C!
    My husband and I just happened to celebrate our 36th anniversery, so we are still a little in the same mood..
    Have a very nice celebration,